The process of painting a car

The painted vehicle body is one of the most critical steps in the manufacture, where quality must prevail above all if the brand claims to have good sales numbers that vehicle. Formerly, He is painted by hand with experts painters, pero ahora mismo los fabricantes optan por

Roborace, future careers without drivers

The level of automation industry evolves each year, It makes us think that every time it takes fewer people and more robots / machines for production processes more efficient and cheap. The trend in the world of vehicles seems to go down the same road, y ya existe una competición con

Oversteer and understeer with virtual explanation

Los conceptos técnicos de subviraje y sobreviraje son problemas habituales de la conducción de vehículos que pueden ocasionar accidentes o pérdidas de control del vehículo, and therefore it is interesting to know that they are and how we can fix them if they occur. Commonly we know them as “go nose” the “go back” y pueden ser

Hands “God level” Fernando Alonso in water

We know that Fernando Alonso is one of the best drivers in the world and we have been seeing for many years in Formula 1 and even other categories. spectacular images, incredible overtaking, 2 World Formula 1, vertiginous exits, … I follow? I think that's not necessary. He has delighted us with many special moments, but…

Thus accelerates a GT-R R35 2000 CV’s

If already a Nissan GT-R is a great machine able to compete face to face against the best supercars market, Imagine if we give up 2.000 CV's power and put it to full throttle. It sounds very interesting, Was not it? Bueno, como sabemos que es mejor una imagen

The autonomous routine AGV SEAT

The factory workers are the greatest good that companies have, but they have some drawbacks as they tire, They need to eat and drink, They go to the bathroom, injured / ill and catch the lower, and various other events that make their management and efficiency are not the best. Instead, Robots are their…

Tribute to Porsche 919 Hybrid

Porsche created a legend that in just 4 years has given a number of very interesting titles and achievements. We refer to 919 Hybrid, more complex vehicle ever created by the German mark and has written important pages in the history of Porsche. 4 incredible years in the LMP1 category of the World…

So the motor is assembled GTR 2017

The engine is the heart of vehicles and therefore when assembling them, brands have put their full potential and thoroughness on the grill so that the engine is practically a work of art. An engine has to work flawlessly throughout the life of the vehicle, and…

Differences 4×4, AWD, FWD y RWD

One of the most important systems is the transmission vehicles, which is responsible for carrying the movement generated by combustion (or now other energy sources) certain motor vehicle wheels. The most common currently is the front-wheel drive or FWD (Front Wheel Drive en inglés), which basically consists of…

Locos Engine wishes you a happy 2018!

2017 It has been a great year for Locos Engine, with great performance thanks to the dedication and desire for improvement put in the project to come to you with content “different” motorsport and motor racing in general. We thank you for your help and support and hope to continue improving. Please remember that you can follow…