unexpected visit to the Jaguar factory

We put ourselves in situation. Imagine that you work in a factory vehicles as you do every day, striving to make your pieces with optimal quality and your greatest care, and suddenly appears someone you do not expect your production line, and you run out of words. Es lo que les ocurrió a


Driving experience, Renault Zoe

Motor Locos, we have had the opportunity to try a different vehicle. Being different 100 % electric, Renault Zoe has surprised us, but we also see him drawbacks that are now difficult to work for Renault and its competitors. El Renault Zoe, It has similar dimensions to Clio, con quien comparte algunas

The adventurous spirit of Land Rover

Land Rover is certainly an icon of adventure and off-road expeditions for many years (70 to be exact), and remains. History confirms this, with the presence of the British brand in the vast majority of places where access was not easy. Ejemplos de lugares donde no todos pueden llegar

Motor de 5000 CV's style in Dubai

The superproyecto of Devel Sixteen looks like it could come true after that 2013 It was shown “the idea” at the Dubai Motor Show. The place chosen for the presentation of the project was more than optimal, because the project represents luxury and power of the Emirates and Gulf countries, but…

The history of the Akrapovic exhaust

Akrapovic name is very familiar to anyone who has at least some interest in motorcycles or cars, and usually the perception of the name is very good. Mark escapes, is a world leader in the sector escapes for high performance applications. Akrapovic desarrolla y fabrica de manera que sus productos

The future, Lamborghini Third Millennium

Lamborghini has revealed where it will move its future in the world of Hypercars, and things are looking very, very good. Terzo Millennio the Concept Car is guiding us into the future of the brand. Sincerely, si la marca decide utilizar gran parte de este concept car para su

60 SEAT anniversary 600

One of the most legendary vehicles in the Spanish history is on anniversary. SEAT 600 meets nothing more and nothing less than 60 years old. Following its launch in 1957, the 600 It was (And it is) a bestseller (Now on the market for classic), and is not for less. Es el símbolo de prosperidad y desarrollo

Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo delantera

Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sports Tourism

almost 200.000 € we can buy us a very elegant supercar, efficient and revolutionary, We refer to the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Tourism, which produces 685 CVs and only consume 3,0 liters 100 kilometers. An interesting option, ya que un motor V8 gasolina se combina con un motor eléctrico de forma que

Super-half tank, super-half SUV

With a large amount of capital, knowledge gained from other manufacturers, and “base parts” other vehicles can create a brand from scratch supercar. It is what has made Rezvani that began in 2014 in California (United States). A large project with spectacular vehicles like the Rezvani Beast, el Beast

Volkswagen Up GTI

Early 2018 Up comes the Volkswagen GTI that will be talking about and make the most complicated market for Abarth 595, the Renault Twingo GT or GT Kia Picanto, among other rivals. Engined 115 CVs and a lower weight to 1.000 kg, todo hace indicar a que el