Diamonds and a Mercedes SL600

If this is the case you arrive to be rotten pasta and reaches such a case you do not know where to spend money, watch the video today because it is such a valid idea of ​​waste as any other. Quizás no os vale con gastar en supercoches y en lujo y os apetece combinarlo todo

Aston Martin DB11 AMR

Aston Martin is in line with many automakers, launching a supercar, and after a few months launches circuit inspired version even better performance and numbers. as discussed, a new dimension for the AMR version DB11. Inspirada en dinamismo de competición y presentada donde debía ser presentada una maravilla de

Jaguar XE Project 8, deafening

Jaguar is putting all the meat on the grill with exclusive models and “performance” circuit with his latest projects. The XE Project 8 It is a clear example. Sporty and aggressive accompanied by a deafening roar. A wonder deign to try and we have the opportunity to enjoy using the video…

Aston Martin Lagonda SUV

Aston Martin and its electric SUV project

SUVs are already virtually sold more than traditional saloons, and even luxury vehicle manufacturers are changing their market offerings to meet this growing need. The following will now be free luxury SUVs emissions, and today we are going to teach what s a project that aims…

24 Hours given for many accidents

As the title of our post today reflects, 24 hours go far, and in the case of an endurance race, even more. Today the highlights of accidents we teach 24 Hours of Nurburgring. If already the “Green hell” It is an extremely long and complicated circuit, Imagine that…

Land Rover L03 prototipo 1948

70 years after the debut of Land Rover

It has rained a lot, especially in UK, since the debut of Land Rover. Nothing more and nothing less than 1948 3 prototype models of the British brand were presented at the Amsterdam Motor Show. 70 year history full of historical landmarks and most remembered by fans both world…

more expensive than any vehicle keys

If we buy a vehicle the price of your keys is not a big economic pillar and usually they give us one or two copies unasked, But is it always so? Not always, there are cases where it is not feasible to receive another copy of keys, unless we remove the wallet to light. We…

Electric, with 3 Wheels And Affordable?

A vehicle is 100 % Power no longer surprises today, having only 3 Yes wheels, but there already and there have been other examples of vehicles 3 Wheel, but apart from these 2 things also have an affordable price if it is something new. The company Sondor Electric Car…

Extreme luxury, Mercedes-Maybach SUV

Mercedes-Benz has always been, It is and will be one of the most sought after premium brands in the automobile market, but sometimes their view of the future go even further with absolutely amazing that although models are vehicles, They could well be any other super-luxury item or combination of several of them….