Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

Electric mobility will try to outdo itself in the hands of Volkswagen and its ambitious project to break the record of the legendary climb to Pikes Peak with a vehicle 100 % electric, the I.D. R Pikes Peak. Un proyecto muy ambicioso que de alcanzar el éxito dará a Volkswagen Motorsport

Citroën inspired by you from 1919

Citroën's history has always brought us surprises and somewhat different vehicles compared to the automotive market every age, plus, as they say, from 1919 They have been inspired by their customers. Hoy os traemos un vídeo curioso donde algunas de las creaciones de la marca francesa aparecen de forma

The “Famous prices” They soar

The market for luxury cars is spacious and full of customizable options, but above all it is very very expensive. Therefore so is the resale of these vehicles. Some are very limited editions, others are customized to the end, y otros han pertenecido a ciertas personas muy influyentes de una forma

CUPRA e-Racer lateral

Cupra e-Racer, the first e-TCR

In 2019 will come one of the most promising competitions for the future of mobility of persons referred. Formula E is fine for the development of electric automobiles, but the pace of technology of Formula E to conventional vehicles is not clear. However, el Mundial de

The “Dekotora trucks” Dazzling in Japan

It is well known that in Japan they like to be different and in the automotive world there are many examples. They invented a way to produce cars that now all manufacturers use. They specialize in reducing production costs and their order is excellent. But besides this, they like “tunear” vehicles, y podríamos decir

The new generation of Formula E

Formula E was a major change in vehicle competition for being a great bet for the future. Vehicles 100 % electrical which have slowly evolved to be a great test for brands that have decided to participate in the championship. Now, la nueva generación de

Restore your Jaguar E-Type is possible

If you have a classic vehicle like the Jaguar E-Type and you intend to restore this may be of interest, and much. If not so, surely that today's video grabs you and makes you want to get your hands on a coveted E-Type. Therefore, Today's video display must. Una empresa de Reino

Hyundai Kite lateral

Concept electric buggy, Hyundai Kite

Hyundai has proven well that we think about the future and continues to do concept cars and even other interesting projects, addition of electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel cell. His new creation is a clear proof. El Hyundai Kite es un concept de un buggy eléctrico biplaza que incluso se

The first Apollo IE and roars

The Geneva Motor Show is the Mecca of the automotive world, where all the manufacturers present their best creations and innovations every year there for the month of March. The city also often crowded with visitors for a few days before the event, y es el lugar perfecto para ver novedades incluso sin entrar

Nissan GT-R chameleonic

Lo “changes color as a chameleon” commonly we used when we are small we can continue to use the vehicle in the video we show today. A Nissan GT-R which is able to adapt his body to different colors. Film seems, but it's real. Muy probablemente esta característica no es algo que pediríamos