Extensive testing of the new Defender

Everyone gave us a lot of grief when Jaguar Land Rover decided to end production of the legendary Land Rover Defender makes only 3 years old. a myth which lasted almost ran out 70 years of manufacturing have barely evolved its concept of ATV and maximum strength. Ahora esos vehículos están incluso más cotizados

The rider also waiting for you at home

Unfortunately, roads claim many lives and left injured who manage to regain its former status hardly the accident, but that must change and is already doing through measures like we're going to show you today. It is an initiative of Hyundai protecting cyclists, para que vuelvan a casa

The revolution is called Arc Vector

In a world in continuous development and evolution, the world of motorcycles could not stay behind and has an important innovation. It is the most advanced electric motorcycle is known to date, It called Arc and Vector. It was presented late last year, pero ahora va a entrar

ID electrical record R in the cathedral

ID Volkswagen still going strong and enlarging their numbers so that seems to have been a complicated electrical evolution that will improve, At least in the short term. After beating the record of Pikes Peak and the e-record Goodwood, he has had to turn to the Green Hell Nurburgring. For many…

Russian tank-Bentley

We know that the Russians will march, and not usually behave like the rest of us as driving vehicles and refers. They also like to prepare vehicles to suit your so varied and extensive ecosystem. Today we are going to show you a video that will…

AMR Vantage Now Manual!

As we all know, Aston Martin takes strong years in terms of developing new vehicles, supported by the great effort of the brand in the world of competition, perhaps the most golden age of British marque. Without launching a model already they have another at the gates, and raising benefits…

A luxury Shelby Cobra

Classic cars have great charm but over time, and we all remember many of them. They are those who do not advance time for them and that everything craves collector vehicles have in their possession. Today we are going to remember one of them. More than 50 year life AC…

Megane R.S. Trophy-R 2019 record

Records in the Green Hell are falling with forme years pass and brands manage to evolve vehicles. One after another and almost always improving, until someone returns to improve. One of the brands most committed to try and beat the record of the legendary Nurburgring is Renault, who has returned…

Interview with Carlos Miquel

Today we are fortunate to tell you the interview we did to our colleague Carlos Miquel, engine expert Cadena COPE. Carlos is actively involved in the sports program radio star, “Game time”, Among many other things. Definitely a big sports radio and motorsport….

F1 history, ¡carrera 1.000!

Formula 1 you are in luck and no wonder. 1.ooo reaches major awards since its first race, and today we remember it. Countless great moments, champions, accidents, deaths, overtaking impossible,… definitely, sports history. Each will have their moments to remember, but we can not forget Fernando Alonso…