Volkswagen Amarok preparado

Ya sabemos que Islandia es un país extremo donde la vida no es nada fácil, sobre todo de Octubre a Mayo. En meses deveranolas temperaturas y condiciones son soportables gracias a las muchas horas de sol. Para poder desplazarse allí, es necesario adaptarse a las adversidades, y muchos islandeses preparan sus vehículos de

UX 250h, híbrido auto-recargable

Lexus es uno de los fabricantes que parece estar más adelantado en la preparación del cambio definitivo a la movilidad del futuro, sin combustibles fósiles como materias primas de funcionamiento de los propulsores. Actualmente comercializa en España 10 modelos distintos de híbridos auto-recargables, y ya ha vendido más de 1.400.000 units, pero el UX 250h

La huella dactilar como llave

Para seguir evolucionando y que nuestra vida sea más fácil, hay mucha gente dedicada a pensar en mejoras cada día. Hoy os vamos a hablar de una interesante de la mano de Hyundai, utilizar la huella dactilar del conductor como llave para manejo de sus vehículos.Ya ha sido presentada esta tecnología en el Salón del

Lynk & Co, great debut

In this competitive world it is too complicated to start a business in a market full of options and succeed in the attempt. This is the case of the new Swedish car brand Lynk & Co, which he has sold nothing more and nothing less than 120.414 cars in 2018, all the Chinese market. In a…

Winter driving tips

Stress can cause us to reach a situation of winter driving can reach very high values, and indirectly lead to an accident or to at least one big scare. All this could help if we apply some winter driving tips on which we will discuss today. First of all would realize…

Ice dancing winnowing

In this time where adverse weather conditions and temporary cold and snow are so to the agenda, we laughed a little and put on a brave face. Ever since security, course. We bring you a video that many of you would like to carry out….

Maserati Boomerang, sole

It was the year 1972 and Maserati introduced a single vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. We say unique because only one unit of it was manufactured, we refer to the Maserati Boomerang. Unknown for many, but unmatched piece for other. Maserati joined the bandwagon of high-performance sports…

Aston Martin V12 Valkyrie red

Aston Martin has already presented his latest hypercar few months ago, but we did not know how it would sound his new Cosworth V12 engine, until now that the secret has been revealed and we have already learned how roars. Developed by the archi-known manufacturer Cosworth engines and creating the ultimate expression of engines…

Elevate Walking Car de Hyundai

We are every day more aware that we must innovate, both in industry and in our daily lives. You have to open doors or survive an increasingly competitive and complex world. Therefore car brands piecework to grow, or at least not losing market share. For example…

environmental labels for cities

High levels of contamination have to consider different strategies for major world cities, especially European, to reduce contaminant levels and improve air quality. In some countries it has been a major economic input rate to urban centers, other input of limited…