Cars infidels

Cars infidels

¿Un motor se “customary” the conduct of its business?

This is a very common issue in the automotive world, but as confused as usual. I have personally heard many theories (holguras, bearings, mechanical fatigue ...) but nothing like an explanation that is what convinces me.

The explanation is based on the friction piston ring made (one of its functions is the tightness of the oil into the combustion chamber) in the cylinder. The number of strokes of the piston within the cylinder in the life of a vehicle is millions, therefore it is assumed that there is a wear, minimum by oil lubrication.

The second step in understanding this theory is to understand the combustion chamber. Is the area where the mixture is compressed within the cylinder due to the position of the piston at TDC (TDC) and fully closed valve.

So if the piston goes up a little more the combustion chamber will be smaller and the mixture is compressed more.

Cars infidelsOver the miles the piston due to friction on the cylinder (segments by) makes a small wear mark (thousandths of a thickness) but the touch is appreciated, although not in sight. This step may be above or below (thousandths) the piston depending on the RPM (Returns) normally reaching the engine. (Piston inertia).

When a vehicle is used to move a few turns and leads another person, this note that costs take turns because the fire segment (closest to the combustion chamber) hits the stage piston braking because its inertia is larger than usual.

Thus two important factors are mixed. The first is that if the grade is below the combustion chamber is larger therefore less compression and less power and the second and most important is the step that produces the braking. There are many cases where a car has been driven a few laps and changes ownership. If this engine usually stretched, fire segment piston violently hits the step and come from (normal fault sporty driving when not used to it).

On the contrary if carried high returns, this step or flash above and will not stick to the segment.

From my point of view is better than the car and walk a little less drive carefully, namely, changing gears to the 3500 rpm (for gasoline) the 2500 rpm (for diesel engines) about since its duration will be greater.

Celso García

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  1. Celso
    Celso 6 years ago .

    I would like to clarify, that changing gears advisable 3500 rpm is for a gasoline-powered car. For a car with a diesel engine are reduced 1000 rpm, namely, the ADONEO change are 2500 rpm. I feel the errata. regards