Interesting joint venture in Morocco with Hyundai

This video summarizes the Solidarity adventure The Desert of Children's edition 2014. The children themselves are the narrators of the experience in Morocco for a week. Accompanied by their parents, cars have come in April×4 the most arid areas of the North African country to enjoy its scenery and customs, while Moroccan children knew and participated in various solidarity actions.
The video also includes testimonies of the directors of the expedition, Nacho Salvador and Federico Granda. Mixed with very emotive images, both explain the purpose of this special adventure for both parents and children and make a review of the various solidarity actions in this edition of 2014.
Desert Children returned to Spain ten days ago after an intense week in the caravan 63 vehicles, led by the Hyundai ix35 and Santa Fe, partitioned illusion as material of all types. The role of Hyundai vehicles within the organization along 2.000 grueling kilometers through Morocco is commented on video by the head of Hyundai Motor Press Spain, Santiago de la Rocha.
In this tenth edition, caravan Desert Children visited on his way a number of schools and associations in the Spanish children themselves traveling on the issue have been responsible for delivering the material was donated by location.
The desert of children 2
One issue that has set a record for participation, because it brought together 202 people, which 55 were children aged 5 and 14 years old. Also, by the organization were twenty people. As vehicle, attended 62 4 cars×4, those who had to add the truck transporting the relief items. At the head of this great caravan the Hyundai ix35 and Santa Fe were the organization, once again have moved like fish in the water by the ever complicated tracks Morocco, beating paved roads, rivers of sand dunes and the dreaded. The best ally of the Hyundai 4×4 were Michelin Latitude Cross tires that were shod with, who passed the test with flying colors at any punctures not occur between vehicles that sat.
Record also as a material delivery refers, since in the truck Aquarius not an ounce more fit when he left Spain. With a steady trickle of daily deliveries in different schools and local associations, in this tenth edition of The Desert Children caravan has washed over 10 locations, some of which had streets so narrow that forced down the material and load it into the truck Hyundai to make deliveries.
Desert Adventure Children also experienced emotional moments, as the laying of the foundation stone in the Multifunction Center Ouzina, center to be built thanks to financial contributions from partners of Desert Boys Association and will serve to revitalize this small town in the middle of the desert and accessed only by tracks.
The Tenth Anniversary Edition has also set a record in the indispensable contribution of the Foundation Alain Afflelou. The four optical, traveling in a striking and highly anticipated red Hyundai iX35, conducted a total of 507 reviews. A job that was many days from sunrise to sunset and will help improve the quality of life of many men, women and children, as 255 of the people that view was revised needed glasses that will be delivered soon

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