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Effective braking on road

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Effective braking on road.
Many people, is very wrong with the concept of braking effectiveness and. It is very important to stop on the road, know well and especially if the vehicle is old and does not have the ABS brake system.
I will not explain it in detail because it is very expensive and difficult to understand, but a general idea of ​​the system, is to prevent vehicle wheels from locking, although the driver steps on the brake pedal to the bottom.

Is achieved by valves; when an UCE (by an inductive sensor, Capacitive, hall u óptico) to be detected block the wheels, opens these valves, they do return the brake fluid pressure and thereby reduce, therefore the wheels never become clogged.

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This principle is fundamental. Although many people think otherwise, maximum vehicle braking does not occur when the wheels lock, is because the friction between the tire and the road not between the brake pads and disc. (This friction, by heat dissipation is effectively makes the brake the vehicle)

The maximum braking pressure exists when doing such, that the brake pads do their maximum force with disk, WITHOUT GETTING TO BLOCK THE WHEELS. Once block, the car is launched and you can not control over (if you turn the steering wheel is in the same direction).

For this reason, if a car has ABS is important to know the braking of the vehicle and do not lock the wheels in heavy braking, even at the time of applying is very difficult to calculate.

Celso García.

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