Rally Cross is doing important

There are many competitions to motor across the world, and only a few are world known and followed on television. It is the same in each country, that only a few can be followed regularly in the media.

Although I have many years of life, Rally Cross is taking center stage, thanks in part, that great nombres as Petter Solberg, Pontus Tidemand, Mattias Ekstrom and Jacques Villeneuve have joined in recent years the World (FIA World Rally Cross Championship), the use of cars based on small cars and increasingly powerful (Volkswagen Polo, Audi A1, Citroen DS3, Ford Fiesta, o Peugeot 208), and the help of the media and social networks for broadcast.

fia world rallycross championship

The mode takes place in short circuits between 1 and 1,5 kilometers with mixed surfaces, generally asphalt and dirt. Also, normally pilots engaged in a catch around each sleeve required (joker lap), where they must take a detour default (it can be a shortcut or a longer road). All these variables, attached to it is the racing group, make this a favorite mode of public and more entertaining to witness.

The races are spectacular and the playoff format is appealing to the public. In the more permissive categories, automobiles incorporate active differential, sequentially switching boxes, turbochargers and four-wheel drive. All this makes the engines superaren 500 Maximum horsepower (Virtually double power than World Rally Cars). Combining this with soft tires and short relationships changes, these cars accelerate from 0 a 100 km / h in less than 2,5 seconds.

You can get an idea with this video:

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