What is the octane?

What is the octane?

When we go to the gas stations are usually two types of unleaded gasoline:

1-Unleaded 95

2-Unleaded 98

What does this mean? Is it worth paying more for unleaded petrol 98?

The difference between them is the octane. The octane rating of a gasoline antiknock measures its ability, namely, I do not self-combust by itself.

In a gasoline engine, this has to be combust when we are interested to us (spark plug). The more octane gasoline has, the less risk there is of self-combustion.

It is very harmful to a gasoline engine auto-turn, since it can cause major damage especially in the pistons (chopped rod) and loss of power.

Conversely, in diesel cetane there (just the opposite of the octane). As the oil is to be easily self-ignite on contact with the hot compressed air, against higher this number to our engine better.

From my point of view if it's worth buying gasoline octane better since the durability and performance of our engine, will be greater.

Celso García.

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