The concept of “Carsharing” This operation

Most countries are going through a bad patch and long plays tighten their belts to make ends meet, plus each time raising the population is more environmentally.

Both points have led to a new form of business, consisting of car sharing, without having the property. There are already several companies exploiting this niche business, which for now is being a success.

Companies “carsharing” have been born with the intention of becoming the best alternative for individuals and businesses to achieve savings and sustainability on the go without sacrificing, in any case, comfort.

Its mission is to improve urban mobility to be more efficient, cleaner and the number of private cars is decreased. Users have an exclusive network of car to be accessed with a simple card and fully computerized during 24 hour, because they pay only for what they use (important because otherwise many times services are paid and not used).

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These companies are responsible for maintaining, parking, Fuel and procedures for your customers engaged solely in what is really important: driving, so they can continue their lifestyle.

Some such companies are betting on electric cars, with the help of some regions or municipalities, that are committed to reducing the number of motor vehicles in cities and increase electric cars, public transport and bicycles.

Al final, the car belongs to these businesses, but you can feel it as if it were your own, because you are the “Owner” by the time you've hired.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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