So Dani Sordo prepares for Rally France

The workouts are basic to all sports, and motor sports are also very necessary. The drivers have to be very fit and practicing on circuits, roads or the place of their careers.

For example in Moto GP and Formula 1, usually on Friday and Saturday, teams and drivers have a chance to adapt to the circuit in “Free Practice sessions” or free practice.

However in rallies, just usually a stretch touchdown before rally, known as “shakedown” where drivers and teams can configure the settings of their cars for the rally. Not always reflected this stretch all the conditions of rally itself, so teams usually prepare as best they can for each test of the championship.

Each team usually choose a location similar to the characteristics of each rally and try to imitate the possible race conditions.

In this video, we can see the tests performed by Dani Sordo with equipment Hyundai i20 Hyundai WRC and preparing the next WRC Rally of France. Dry test, and finally also in wet.

So Dani trains! It seems to have good pace, good luck!

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