2 means cars can make a unique car

Typical argument between friends usually have original ideas…Could they be together half 2 vehicles and merge into one?

– I think so.

– I think not.

– I think so, you cortas 2 cars in half and join…

– You are crazy, if you do not know anyone who has not done it is that you can not…

Conclusion, to test. Get 2 Similar cars or the same model, cut them in half and welded!

This is the possible outcome. Are you a Ford Escort union means Ford Escort MK3 and MK4 medium Ford Escort. The less interesting project.

It's hard to find cars with double cockpit, but no. Some people have free time, his hobby is automotive and likes to try things like this.

Interesting project to do at home. Sabéis, only time and desire to assemble a car is needed as well. He who does not have one is because they want! Yes, maybe they are needed to drive a few extra driving lessons.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

Double ended Ford Scort 2Double ended Ford Scort 3 Double ended Ford Scort 4Double ended Ford Scort 5

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