Impress the Honda Civic Type-R Concept in Paris

The new Honda Civic Type R will reach customers next year, but before, Honda has introduced its Civic Type R 2015 Concept at the Paris Motor Show earlier production model.
This front-wheel drive is a strong candidate to try to beat the Renault Megane RS at the Nurburgring and the fastest.

Honda_Civic_Type_R_Concept_2015_DM_3-1024x623It will have 280 Hp under its hood, motor 2.0 turbocharged, manual gearbox, and a large rear spoiler.

The back is perhaps its most attractive area with large spoiler, Diffuser and 4 tailpipes. But also worth noting other details such as the front splitter, gills behind the wheel, the heel on your side or the new front bumper.

You will be able to press the button “+R” that allow you to use the sportiest car mode.

Honda_Civic_Type_R_Concept_2015_DM_1-1024x681One of the great innovations of the engine found in gasoline, that is turbocharged, and not atmospheric as usual, to meet emissions regulations. He mounted 4 cylinders and will 6 speeds.

Adaptive suspension in 4 the vehicle wheels to adapt to the demands of driving and make you feel better approach to passenger sports.

Will probably also address adaptive to give the driver an even better sense of control over the Civic.

Be manufactured in Swindon, United Kingdom, only for Europe, and will have as main rivals the Renault Megane RS, al SEAT León Cupra, y al Ford Focus RS.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.


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