Miguel Contreras Chronicle, Pilot Touring Car Trophy Race

From Mad Engine support the young pilots who fight for a place in the world of professional motorsports, and the proof is this written by a young driver chronic, Miguel Contreras, who leads the Touring Car Championship Race in the absence of the last round of the championship.

The devastating crisis gripping Spain makes young talents just have opportunities to prove their worth. The majority of companies struggle to stay alive so there are hardly any sponsors, and so it is very difficult to progress and get to the professional world.

We hope that conditions improve slowly, and encouragement for young drivers looking for options! Yes you can!

Miguel Contreras Chronicle:

On Saturday 6 September I went back to the Jarama, II trial to dispute the Touring Trophy Race, with the team of Private Tandas, ST category.3

In qualifying I had a little trouble catching him point to the car and the track after a few months without running, but at the end thanks to the spirits of Jorge, Team Manager, I got to make a tiempazo 2:05, ( run with street tires ), but Bagé 2 seconds my best lap of the last race. This time let me start from the pole in race 1. Since I started to pull out without risking
much holding off to 2nd place, my teammate, to finally win the race, my first win in motorsports the year of my debut, with the fastest lap of my category… It could not be better.

9In the second race started from Pole again, by winning the first race. After two laps I noticed that the car was a bit strange and losing power, al be returning to the pits to leave it running, Bugatti in the rise of the car stopped, leaving out of the race. Finally engine failure hopefully be ready for the 3rd and final round of the championship.7

A rare day of racing, joy of victory and disappointment by staying out of the race without own fault, but that's racing. Finally, after that he would not compete the first championship, I stand with championship leader 10 point lead. I want to thank a lot to my sponsors, staff and equipment to give me the opportunity to do what I like and dedicate this victory to all. Now looking for sponsors to support and run the last race and fight for the championship.

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