Amazing record with a Range Rover Sport production

We always see videos of cars that break records, usually ready for competition cars or modified to improve their conditions and thereby meet the challenge proposed. The strange thing is seeing production cars beating challenges in difficult conditions.

In this spectacular video we see the difficult challenge met by a new Range Rover Sport production. The slow-motion pictures are shocking. We can see how the desert sand shot out from the wheels or how it impacts on the body.

The new 2014 Range Rover Sport has set the fastest time recorded for a land vehicle crossing the “Empty Quarter” – one of the harshest environments, most difficult and most desert planet. The “Empty Quarter” – o Rub ‘al Khali – It is the largest sand desert in the world and the second largest after the Sahara. Intensely hot during the day, with temperatures above 50 ° C, It is also extremely arid. Without reliable sources of water and an ever-changing terrain, offering a real test for man and machine.

The vehicle completed the trip in Wadi Adda Wasir Saudi Arabia to the border with the United Arab Emirates 10 hours 22 minutes at an average speed of 51,87 mph (81,87 kmh), covering a distance of 849 kilometers. The route was dictated by ground conditions.

The time was set by a standard unit of production of the new Range Rover Sport with a supercharged V8 petrol engine 5.0 liter 510 CV, using standard tires. The only change was in the vehicle mounting a lower protection plate.

This shows that the experience and expertise of Land Rover is the most complete of all manufacturers of this type of vehicle for extreme conditions.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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