Sounds good Honda engine for Formula 1 2015

Some time ago around Honda was announced to Formula 1 for 2015, were also rumors that the Japanese were developmentally delayed propeller. Whether or not, what is clear is that the entry of Honda in the championship will be positive.

It is encouraging news to give more excitement and competitiveness championship. Also, comes in partnership with McLaren, with whom he was allied in the past with very good results. A bet to win. We will see when, but both McLaren and Honda will bet hard on this project.

Another advantage to bet on the competitiveness of Honda from the beginning is the possible arrival of Fernando Alonso to the team after his departure from Ferrari. No doubt if it, the Spanish, will help improve the car as it has done in their previous teams

Honda are remembered, especially, by that time, in the eighties and nineties, where engine was provider for an entire story of Honda década.La Formula 1 goes back to the Sixties, an era in which workers were completely unaware of the brand what were these racing cars competing in the European. They say that in May 1962, Emperor Taishō Kudo, the director of the development center Honda, called Hideo Sugiura, Head of Quality at the factory in Saitama, a call in which they had the following conversation:
Yoshihito: "We are planning to enter the F1 championship and I count on you for this project."
Hideo: "What is F1? I've seen some pictures, but I have no idea what it is. Please, tell me what the F1. "
Yoshihito: "I have no idea either. But the matter, for everyone always has to be a first time. "

Honda Formula One team has had 1 twice in its history, first at the start of the sixties and finally, and in the XXI Century. But mostly it will be recalled Honda for its long history as a supplier of engines, in the same role as now interpreted by McLaren.

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