Best eliminate distractions, 517 accident 24 hours!

At the wheel, The less distractions the better. Our lives and those of others may be at risk, so ideas like this that we talk about in this article are not good. This is a funny ad that was placed in several trucks in the city of Moscow.

517 only accidents 24 hours, to be exact, They are what has caused an advertisement in the Russian capital's chest showing a girl in one sentence covering the nipples: They Attract.

It consists of a cap placed on the sides of 30 trucks by an advertising agency that wanted to show that ads on billboards classic lifetime are outmoded. What, to capture public attention, you had to choose another place.

To see if it was effective, they divided the trucks through the streets of the capital Moscow and boy attracted the attention of drivers, most, btw, Males.

But, What drew attention? Is the new location to put ads or ad itself? Some of the affected, as a driver 35 years old, He was somewhat angry about what happened. “I was going to a business meeting when I saw the truck with a huge photo of breasts. Then, I hit a car from behind which he said had been distracted when he saw the truck”, explains.

The police has already been put to work and has targeted all trucks to remove them from circulation and prevent further causing more accidents. Also, drivers who have been affected, and have shown that breasts actually attract, ask the agency in damages.

What should not be very advisable to put a female breast because that ALWAYS distract, put it where you put. Safety comes first!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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