Interesting technical analysis of the hybrid system Hyundai

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is a model that captures many sales among buyers of green cutting vegetables in the United States, and so I put this video, to understand how it works.

Thanks to the Dual Drive System Technology, the dual system driving, this car can travel in electric mode, the internal combustion engine or a combination of both. And the Sonata Hybrid features a gasoline engine four-cylinder and other electrical, to produce a total of 199 CV.

The mechanics of internal combustion corresponds to a naturally aspirated engine Theta II, with 2,4 liter engine and type settings Atkinson cycle, y no tipo Otto. This allows optimization of power delivery and fuel consumption low and mid range. Alone, this equipment delivered 159 CV, and the gearbox is chosen torque converter with six relations.

hyundai sonata hybridThe electric motor, meanwhile, generates 37 kW (49 CV) and is located between the propellant and thermal transmission. Through the precise clutch system Direct Drive, Sonata Hybrid achieves the maximum performance of the electric motor, even in compact mechanical. So much so, has the best highway consumption ratio in its class, six liters per 100 kilometers. Its direct competitors, as explained in the video, these adjusted figures fail. The Toyota Camry consumes just over seven liters 100 Ford Fusion and need 6,5 liters.

The Lithium Polymer battery pack Batterry (lithium polymer), Getting generate 47 kW (63 CV) it is light, compact and has high durability. With respect to a conventional battery pack nickel, is a 44% less bulky, a 25% lighter and has a 59% less internal resistance. Also, their life cycle is a 25% higher thanks to improved energy 12%, at a power density 13% and a force one 63% superior.

The Sonata Hybrid features a power button, on the dashboard, that when pressed activates the motor quietly. This is due to Hybrid Starter Generator, which allows a very smooth start. At that instant, electricity is sent to the electric motor, while the combustion is off, thus achieving to minimize the consumption and noise.

Given strong demand for power, the petrol engine is operated as a primary element, and power makes it as secondary, providing a good capacity of acceleration. Likewise, the Sonata Hybrid is able to circulate only in electric mode.

When the driver decelerates, the combustion engine is disengaged and batteries are recharged using the inertial motion of the vehicle itself, and the rotation of wheels. You too, when stopping at traffic lights, for example, the mechanics of gasoline goes off to spend on fuel. To restart only to be accelerated.

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