New Mercedes-AMG C 63 y C 63 S

Mercedes launched the Mercedes C63 AMG 2007 and then updated it in 2011. Now introduces new more powerful versions of Class C range for early 2015, Mercedes-AMG C 63 Mercedes-AMG and C 63 S

They mounted petrol engines 8 cylinder V and 4.0 liter, supercharged con 2 compressors, and direct injection.

The C63 variant will be less power- 476 CV between 5500 and 6250 rpm y 650 Nm of torque between 1750 and 4500 rpm. The most powerful variant is the C 63 S con 510 CV between 5500 and 6250 rpm y con 50 Nm more torque delivered between 1750 and 4500 rpm.


Analyzing official data, we can see that both models are electronically limited 250 km / h speed limit. Accelerate to 0 a 100 km/h en 4,1 and 4,0 seconds respectively and have an approved fuel consumption 8,2 liters 100 km in both cases.

Compared with the previous version, models 2015 improve what was, which incidentally was already quite good. Reduce consumption considerably and are faster when it comes to acceleration refiere.También improve its competitors such as the BMW M3 and Audi RS4 Avant.

The transmission of both versions is seven-speed automatic. In place of a torque converter, has a multi-disc clutch in oil bath. Can be operated manually by aluminum cams located behind the steering wheel rim. The rear differential is different depending on the version: el C 63 has a mechanical, while the C 63 S has one electronically controlled. Traction is provided at the rear wheels.

From Dynamic Select command AMG can modify the operation of the steering, engine response or speed of the gear changes. There are four driving modes predefined: C (Controlled Efficiency), I (individual), S (Sport) y S (Sport Plus). Version C 63 S is, also, an additional mode called RACE, which adapts its operation to a more sporting use.


In both versions the AMG Ride Control suspension is standard, with electronically controlled damping and a three-level adjustment. As in the Mercedes-AMG S GT, C version 63 S has some active engine mounts and gearbox that modify its hardness depending on driving style and road conditions. Also, ESP stability control has three programs running: ESP ON (activated system), ESP SPORT hander (This delayed intervention system) y ESP OFF (off system).

The version of 476 CV has alloy wheels 18 inch diameter tires in action 245/40 on the front axle and 265/40 at the rear. In the 510 CV sound 19 inches, measures 245/35 and 265/35, respectively.

As in other versions of the Class C range, can have various items of equipment related to driving assistance.

During the first few months will be possible to buy a special version, called “Edition 1”, with specific equipment. Surely, this issue will be listed among the “collectors supercars” and lovers of exclusivity.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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