Honda Civic Type R 2015, a different story

It's getting a long wait to see in action the new Honda Civic Type R 2015. Meanwhile Honda “is working” marketing to make us see that this model will be spectacular, the best in its class.

Honda_Civic_Type_R_Concept_2015_DM_1-1024x681Every time we show details about the vehicle or videos, we can sense his aggression and spectacular ways, until even the roar of your engine. The latter is an interactive video where we can see 2 different stories, as driving a Honda Civic or Honda Civic Type R. 2 stories that have the same beginning and the same end, and we show that Honda Fits all types of drivers.

So you just have to press R (could not be otherwise) to change the story you want to see. An interesting video that will make you enjoy. Yes, as advice, must be seen at least 3 times to capture all the details.

In the dejará indifferent!

“The other side” is the name of the video:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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