You know the 24 Hours of Le Mans…forgiveness, ¿Guadix?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a world famous event in the world of motorsports, and the Le Mans Series, as endurance events most prestigious motorsport.

24 hours of Guadix 3Teams and brands are prepared thoroughly for these races and fans can only go into the stands or watch the French circuit television or Internet. Or they might go to Andalusia (namely the Guadix) to participate in “their 24 hours” without a great team or budget to support them.

This is a test of endurance and consistent strategy in free runs to open track 24 hours to a maximum of 25 vehicle equipment 3, 4 of 5 drivers per vehicle, held at the Circuit de Guadix, Granada.

Like regularity rallies, offer fans the chance to live a rally from within, and compete your way without a great car and a great logistics and infrastructure. The 24 Hours of Guadix intended to fill an empty hole and make available to the fans experience and participate in a magical event 24 hours in a circuit without the needs or demands of endurance racing.

24 hours of Guadix 2As a main rule you can not use vehicles under 20 years old with a maximum of 150 CV, enough to have fun on the track, 200 CV segment cars and the upper (large sedans). For security unsupercharged vehicles and diesel vehicles are allowed. There are many cars in the second hand market that fit the rules at bargain prices, and also some potential future classic.

The mandatory security, plus original vehicle, are anchored helmet and fire extinguisher in the vehicle, notwithstanding any extra measure of security and anti-roll bars, harness, baquets etc. are recommended, but not mandatory.

Everything in the regulation is aimed at promoting safety, equality and spirit “gentleman driver”. It is a feast for fans.

The event is a low cost event that is more or less accessible for fans (no more than 2.000 € including everything you need), that can participate in a pioneering and interesting event.

The first edition 2013 was a success and was replicated in the circuit of Braga (Portugal). Hopefully there will be increasing opportunities for these fans.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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