The smallest car in the world, obra de Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear continues to surprise us every season with different programs and vehicles, and as they go through the season 21!

P45 Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear 2Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have fun and entertain amid world.

Today the world's smallest car we present created by Jeremy Clarkson, P45. Jeremy took over lead in presentation. The P45 is arguably the combination of a car and a motorbike with which makes it a “golf cart”. This model is smaller than the Peel 50.

Monta engine 100 cc and a fuel tank only 1,7 liters, and as a curiosity no roof, but the driver must be embedded in a protective armor astronaut as we will see in the video.

Jeremy Clarkson's work is original and creative, though not entirely practical… The base vehicle is a modified kart that is attached to a body of strange.

The video shows us the adventures of Jeremy with his P45 in different situations accompanied typical humor BBC. Enters the museum with him, not reach the minimum fuel when refueling, how long retentions, etc.…Do not miss it!

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