Entrevista a Fernando Rees, WEC driver

Fernando Rees is as follows interviewed by Mad Engine. Fernando is a Brazilian pilot who participates in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) FIA with Aston Martin and we have had the pleasure to interview just before the last race of the championship, which incidentally, It is in your country.Fernando Rees

Attentive to their answers that show as a humble guy has come far, and what remains!

LdM: Fernando, could you explain how it all started? Why did you become a professional pilot?

FR: It all started in 1993. Ayrton Senna was my hero, and I asked my parents did to get where he was. Then, my parents took me karting circuit Interlagos for a career. That's where Ayrton started, and I had the opportunity to see young kids like me also beginning. Thereafter, that was my mission, drive karts. And I took out from next year.

LdM: Why did you choose endurance racing?

FR: Because in them the pilot has greater impact than in Formula 1 and in most other competitions where technology dictates almost everything. For people like me, I had not a fortune to burn in running or supporting a large company with hundreds of millions to buy a seat FORAston Martin WEC 2from 1, This is the only way to become a professional pilot and have a career in motorsport.

LdM: Which is more important in endurance racing, the body or mind?

FR: Both equally. If they are not balanced, adversely affect one over the other. You must have an ideal balance between, and it is not easy to achieve.

LdM: How do you prepare your runs?

FR: Since we can not do many test with car, as in the other of the major disciplines, must prepare a lot in the gym, because it is the best alternative. I love running as much as pilot, therefore, That helps me a lot. Training over long distances. Also standard workouts at the gym 4 times per week, and today there are good tools to train our reflexes using certain video games or simulators.

LdM: Would you rather, win the race in your country or win Le Mans?AUTO - WEC 6 HOURS OF FUJI 2014

FR: Difficult to respond, to be honest. I dont know. Both would be amazing. No Brazilian has never won at Le Mans, it would be something special to be the first to.

LdM: How will you approach the race in Brazil?

FR: Last race of the year, we can not gain or lose much in terms of the standings, so the race we will take the opportunity to get a good result at the end.

LdM: You've been in different championships and countries, When and where you think you've learned more?

FR: This certainly. In this team and in this championship. Is championship highest level in the world of motor, and I'm one of the best teams. There is no better way to learn.

Aston Martin WEC 3LdM: You are an expert and one of the best drivers in the WEC, Who do you think is the best driver right now?

FR: It is very difficult to say, since you never know for sure what others do on other computers. But as far as I can judge, Nicki Thiim siempre me Impresiona.

LdM: What has been your best moment in WEC?

FR: When I won the world championship in 2012. Many good races!

LdM: Have confirmed plans 2015? ¿World Endurance again?

FR: Yes Plans, but not confirmed yet. I hope to continue in the WEC, on the same computer and.

Thank you very much Fernando! and hopefully see you next year at the wheel of the Aston Martin!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.






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