Lexus RC F, is hard to see any, but will

The new Lexus RC F comes in 2015, but it will be difficult to see since only 250 of the 5.000 planned to produce units will be sold in Europe. Its price, from 87.000 €.

This places you close to the prices of its main rivals like the Mercedes C 63 AMG (457 horses, 83 500 €), Audi RS5 Coupe (450 horses, 91 000 €) and BMW M4 Coupe (431 horses, 88 500 €).

Lexus RC F azulThe first and obvious asset is its spectacular car design, that strengthened by the fact of who manufactures, gives added exclusivity. Let's go, a coupé 4,71 meters long enticing, and not only visually.

Riding a V8 5.0 of 477 CV and an automatic transmission 8 marches. Also, suspension, chassis, transmission and engine, are adjustable in different ways. And of course, its interior is original and edgy.

In aesthetic influences the search for better adherence, resulting in numerous vents for body. Or an active rear spoiler, rising from 80 km / h and blend again below 40 km/h, although the driver can operate at will. He has also worked for the bottom of the car as flat as possible.

Despite high curb weight of a 1,8 tons (only the hood and front bumper there aluminLexus RC F interiorI), credentials are true sports, with a strong atmospheric V8 5.0 liter 477 horses that would throw beyond the 300 Km/h, if it were not limited to 270 km/h. As in other Lexus, this V8 has direct and indirect injection in the same block, in order to ensure optimum performance at all speeds, in performance and consumption / emissions.

It has been reinforced springs, shocks and stabilizer, are mounted stiffer bushings and all car set looking for maximum efficiency, especially in track. This despite the fact that management seems too soft, although direct enough to lose the fear of the most threatening corners of the circuit.

A suspension is, As transmission, engine or dynamic stability control, offers four modes of action, resulting in a grin pilot, encased in an excellent seat multiple settings and even refrigerated. Anyway, the best support helps contain lateral bodies subjected to extreme accelerations: of 0 a 100 km/h en 4,5 seconds or 80 km a 120 km/h en 3,7 seconds.

Then, to speed crLexus RC F backUcero, the V8 gets carried away with a warm purr to outperform 2000 rpm y, above, this “M3 Japanese” should “shout out” harder to get the same level of their noisy German rivals, but it is discreet. Who wants more sound and action, one has to resort to the cams that change in milliseconds and reach beyond the 7.000 Returns, where RC F express what's in the soul. This task also helps, ASC, a system of artificial sound that dramatizes this concert.

The RC F is the world's first car with front engine and rear wheel drive that can be equipped (optionally) with torque vectoring differential (TVD), alternatively the Torsen limited-slip differential that, as the crow flies, addresses match the speed of the right and left wheels, but, to enter the curve, sends more torque generated by the engine brake was the outer wheel, Always in order to maintain stability.

The advantage is that the TVD intervene faster and less intrusive, and allows, torque transfer regardless of torque generated by the engine at each moment. It also has three modes, “standard” balancing agility and stability, the “slalom” to prioritize precise steering response and “track” to promote stability.

Lexus RC F whiteWith a sports automatic transmission 8 speeds, nobody will miss a manual, as times change are very similar to a dual clutch transmission, in addition to manual mode is not required over a tenth of a second to switch gears. This manual mode is a function of the torque converter lock from the 2nd to the 8th gears, so that changes are made “clutchless”.

The interior shows the typical configuration (sometimes confusing) known quality Lexus, whose screen instrumentation can get the colors to a game console. The background instrumentation plays with animations and different colors to accompany the driving mode chosen (between Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport S +). Space is ample for both front occupants, but behind there are more restrictions.

Ultimately, Lexus good job of it will be difficult to see in Europe, but will not disappoint.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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