How will future cars?

It is clear that we can not know how will the vehicles in a few years. Everything points to be electric and efficient, but, What appearance? Are they tend to be aggressive designs or become straight lines? Are they tend to be cars 1 the 2 people?

Science fiction has always fantasized about the car of the future. Flying Cars, Water Car, auto- pilottransparent car Lexus LFA agoticos, but what seems closer to the light of this new development we present is a transparent car. Not, is not something out of James Bond films, is something totally real.

How often blind spot or a solid part of the vehicle has hindered us view a turn or a complicated maneuver? As with the car transparent, these problems would be overcome.

Glass, although there have been attempts to make cars with him, provides no (for obvious properties) the best conditions for making cars. The future seems to pass by applying military technology to the vehicle chassis.

Japanese researchers, Susumu Tachi Masahiko Inami y, of Keio Univerdiad, have developed an amazing project you have created a transparent car.

Car transparent operation schemeThe vehicle used projectors, cameras and mirrors to reflect on the inside of the chassis what is happening outside, so tools are not complicated but the combination of several simple tools which allow you to work the system. The resulting images allow the driver to know everything that happens around, even the dreaded blind spots.

The project is based on helping drivers so that they have more control outside the car. The technology is not new: the authors have employed known techniques of camouflage, but applied in reverse. Instead of hiding, show.

transparent car Lexus LFA SideThe inventors explain on their website that his next project "will build a virtually transparent backseat, for the driver to see what happens when you reverse ". In this configuration, the six lenses mounted projector system and allowing a panoramic view. It is an intuitive system, not like cameras that carry high-end cars now to facilitate reverse.

They say they are already working with several automotive brands, so the next step, hopefully in the not too distant future, will evolve concept to road car. Maybe they could test the system in a competition and I devote large resources + D to have a “new great invention” that makes us easier and safer life for all.

As I noted in the video, the system is still quite rudimentary, but with a more refined projector, best cameras and a less invasive installation seems that not much time we can all drive a real car of the future.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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