Carlos Sainz Jr will be in F1 2015

In 2015 there will be two Spanish riders on the grid Formula 1. One experienced and champion, another newcomer and ready to surprise everyone.

This Friday it became official: Carlos Sainz Jr. will drive for Toro Rosso team with Max Verstappen in 2015. So, with Fernando Alonso, the young Spaniard Spanish is the second on the grid next season. Carlos gave an interview to the Spanish media, with clear messages that show his ambition.

Carlos Sainz Jr. in the carIt has been a difficult year for Sainz Jr. Rumors that could have been no seat have changed throughout the year, but finally the Spaniard has achieved a place on the grid 2015 with the Italian team, Team B of the multimillion Red Bull Racing. “What a year. There has been a lot of sacrifice behind it. When I started karting I realized that I had a different father. There has been much work and many hours of travel; obviously, This is my goal. Not worth me to get into F1, I have come to stay”.

The decision to have the Spanish in 2015 It may have taken some time to be, but Sainz claims to have worked hard and perform like it did in the World Series by Renault has helped. “In the World Series, I showed that no sunCarlos Sainz Jr. with his fatheror knew winning the Championship, but also careers. I knew I had to win. I have heard withstand the pressure in hard times, I get so without fear of F1. Also, F1 will be a lot more pressure than I've had in recent years”, Sainz commented.

Surely, the objective of the son of Champion Rally is to become World Champion Red Bull, something that looks impossible in the future. “What I would like is to do well at Toro Rosso and show that I deserve to be in Red Bull and become World Champion. It is complicated to set goals, F1 as depends on many factors, not only the pilot. From this moment I will learn”.

Carlos Sainz JrOn the other hand, Sainz has also told us of the time when Toro Rosso him that would be one of its two official drivers for next season. “First thing I did when I heard was hug my father and started calling my family and friends. It was a very good time. Also, Fernando Alonso was one of the first people I told, and as always was super friendly and very happy”.

“The pressure I put on myself. Lad, I said, if you get your dream put the batteries and to prove your worth to them”, said the young driver. Sainz will not have an easy task next year, as it will compete with Verstappen, the Dutchman who has surprised everyone with his quick handling cars later this year. However, Sainz feel safe: “Verstappen advantages I have few. There will be visited Faenza (home Scuderia Toro Rosso) and has more miles, but I have more time competing in cars”.

We wish the best of luck!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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