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5 years around the world with his own bike

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Today we remember someone who lived next to a bike built for himself and devoted himself to fight for others, especially motorists and people in need. A great work for which he is remembered.

At 38 Mildwad years Simon left his native England for the purpose of traveling the world bringing a message: vindicate the rights of motorists on the planet and represent MSF and Riders for Health.

Its main intention was to help disadvantaged areas of the planet and your trip raise money for these. He got more than 100 thousand euros in those five years.

His adventure began ago 16 years old. June 1998 Simon had an accident in Brussels and was hospitalized. While in the ambulance taking him to hospital he thought of the many people in the same circumstances would have simply died from not having the means to assist.

Once decided the trip, It started with the help of a friend, build a bike that would offer sufficient guarantees to realize it.

A tank 45 liter for fuel which gave a range of 1000 kilometers, Handmade reinforced chassis and hundreds of pieces of different brands began to form the prototype came despite 300 kilos with fuel. The original engine was a Harley Davidson, but the Austrian company Rotax donated one who finally made the trip. The “John T modelo Overland”, as baptized, It was a reality.

With the coming of the millennium, while the rest of Europe celebrated the arrival of the new year, Simón withIt Enzo your trip.

At an average of 90km / h swept through Europe and sailed to Tunisia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, where was the second Westerner to cross the Road of Bones after Helge Pedersen, Japan and Australia. He later traveled to the United States and Canada taking south to Central America and Patagonia.

The return was made traveling around the African continent from the south and not having enough, when it reached Europe again, rose to the North Cape in Norway to finally return to England.

Once completed their journey Simon continued raising money for various foundations and moved his residence to Gambia and then to Mali. March 2005, when he came home he died in an accident in Kayes. He was given a gold medal for merit motorcyclist “Nicolas Rodil del Valle” posthumously to the former secretary general of the FEMA.

He was bringing aid to all corners of the globe and this is his sentence summary:

“My home is the bike and my backpack office”

And this was the path of Simon Mildwad:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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