Beware of buying used tires

Buy used tires is becoming a very common practice. The vast majority of these tires are a good option since there are often widely used and often have affordable but, Are all? Not all.

In the countries of Eastern Europe, and especially Russia, as, is spreading a dangerous practice, que consistold tires 2and sell used tires “makeup” to look like they just have been used.

Worn tires are actually scammers modified with new grooves in the tread to make them look almost new, with the risk involved.

The profit margin is very large, they buy tires almost zero cost. Customers do not know their danger, since the amount of material forming the tread is minimal, Old tires and properties are not adequate.

old tires 3The tires are designed to yield approximately 4 years from production and high-grip rubber stands up “chivato” Wear. This practice anomalous and illegal, are becoming tires that should not be circulating for not having the minimum depth in its tread, on wheels that would perfectly as semi new tires. They are forcing the shell to cut through the area where the manufacturer has strengthened to prevent deformities of the tire and give a certain rigidity.

Replace the design variables builder and come dangerously close to the area where the rubber ends and begins meshing steel, so that a blowout would be much easier with these tires. To make matters worse, We offer the latest gums up the tire. This rubber compound is designed to strengthen the wheel and not to have a good grip on asphalt, because the manufacturer does not recommend rolling below the minimum thickness indicating sneak in the tread.

We must be vigilant, our lives may be in danger.

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Adrian Oses, Locos Engine

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