Ferrari FXX K, approved only for circuits

Ferrari FXX El K, It is the evolution of LaFerrari and, clearly, a supercar for billionaires with an estimated price between 1,5 and 2,5 million. As LaFerrari, It is also hybrid and features 900 Nm pair. A real beast.

Ferrari FXXK lateralHowever surprising your image, even more radical and full of spoilers. The reason is that the FXX K (the last letter refers the Kers system that incorporates) was born as a free model approvals or competition rules, as of today even know if Ferrari will use it for some sort of competition. What has decided the Italian firm is to have a program of mono-brand competition where lucky customers-testers check the goodness of the car over the next two years, something that also occurred with the previous FXX (based on the Ferrari Enzo).

Ferrari rear FXXKThe propeller FXX K is a V12 6.2 similar to LaFerrari, however modified tree and cams, includes mechanical distribution rather than hydraulic, have redesigned the intake and removed him mufflers for Atrone in its wake. The total yield is 1.050 CV (860 CV for the gasoline engine and 190 by electric), and torque figure exceeds 900 Nm.

Ferrari inside FXXKTo accommodate such potential, the FXX K has a twin front spoiler profile and a larger splitter and 30 mm lower than LaFerrari. Others have also been lowered 30 low mm around the car to increase the airflow acceleration, while behind a mobile spoiler incorporates a small vertical fin and on each side. As a result of all this, the FXX K gets a vertical thrust 540 kg when going to 200 km / h to ensure better stability.

Ferrari FXXK profileAlso for this purpose includes Pirelli slicks, in this case monitored by sensors that provide information about longitudinal acceleration, lateral and radial, also temperature and pressure.

Of course, can not miss in the FXX K the classic 'Manettino'. In this case lets you control the Kers in four modes: ‘Qualify’, for maximum performance in a limited number of turns; ‘Long Run’, to improve consistency in performance; ‘Manual Boost’, allowing instant delivery of all torque; and 'Fast Charge', so the batteries recharge faster.

Also, the 'Manettino' also allows you to choose the intervention level electronic differential, acting on the traction control and change the slip angle control (Racing SSC).

The owners of this toy”, you can only drive circuit!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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