Highway of Death

The 10 most dangerous roads in the world

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A good road is essential for safe driving, but all they are not. We present the 10 most dangerous roads in the world:

1- Nor Yungas or Highway of Death (Bolivia)

This road connects the capital, La Paz, to Coroico, in the Andean region of Los Yungas. Combine imaginable tight corners with circulation double meaning, as it could not be otherwise having only three meters wide in some sections- and the presence of a cliff that is rolled very close… and unprotected. Surface, poorly paved, is particularly slippery; Fog and rain appear frequently. Although Bolivia driving on the right, this road required to do so by the left, so trucks necessarily run on the most solid part, seated on rocks; on the contrary, field yield to their weight and fall off the cliff. In 1995, was named most dangerous road in the world.

2- Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)

Situated in the mountains Taihanq, in the county of Hunan, the risks of this road were evident since its construction, during which they killed some of the thirteen locals who allegedly dug, looking for an outlet for his people, Guoliang, always isolated. It was inaugurated in 1977 and has become a major tourist attraction… but the Chinese do not hesitate to call “the road not tolerate errors”. You have 1,2 kilometer, 5 meters and 4 meters wide.

3- Stelvio Pass (Italy)

Cycling fans know this road plenty 24 kilometers, one of the most anticipated points of the Giro d'Italia every year. They will also know her followers the British program on the automotive world “Top Gear”, much given to test cars in this section. The Stelvio Pass connects the Lombard area of ​​the Valtellina with the town of Merano, through 48 closed curves located more than 2.700 meters, with large earrings and points at which it becomes very narrow. The good thing is that at least hardly any traffic.

4- Iroha Zaka (Japan)

This road was built on a path that Buddhist monks pilgrimage. Present day, up and down this road means negotiating 48 especially sharp curves -20 forks in the path of ascent and 28 in the bajada-. The route begins at the station makes the town of Nikko, y termina en el Lago Bohinj. As the crow flies, represent three miles away, but the length of the trace is nearly Zaka Iroha 8 km. Iroha The name is taken from a poem by the XI Century, used in the 48 characters del syllabary Japanese Hiragana… each reproduced in one of the curves of this pathway.

5- Transfagarasan (Romania)

When “Top Gear” got tired of Stelvio Pass, was passed this Romanian road, naming best road in the world. The dictator Ceausescu ordered the construction of this road as a military step: The work lasted four years among 1970 and 1974-. Transfagarasan linking the regions of Transylvania and Wallachia by the highest peaks of the Carpathians. There are official documents proving that forty soldiers died during the construction of this road, but other data suggest a figure closer to 400 dead. They also used more than 6.000 tonnes of explosives, to install between the mountains a variety of forks, curves “S”, etc.. Between October and June, often closed because the snow does impassable.

6- Trollstigen (Norway)

With a slope that reaches the 9 % at some points, the “Troll Ladder” It consists of eleven curves 180 degrees. It was inaugurated in 1936 after works that lasted eight years. Walking Mountains near Rauma among the peoples of Åndalsnes and Valldal-, and his tour ends at a viewpoint from which to contemplate the waterfall Stigfossen, next to this road. To cross it have to go in summer, as the snow requires close for the rest of the year.

7- Paso de los Libertadores (Chile-Argentina)

Also known as “Paso de los Caracoles”, is one of the forty existing border crossings between Chile and Argentina. It is in the Chilean side we find this series of curves, unprotected and most of the year covered in snow, while on the Argentine side we find the Cristo Redentor Tunnel, of 3 kilometers, another of those sections that have to be closed in winter because they become impassable. Traffic volume is such that they are preparing two new tunnels to improve communication.

8- Col de Type (France)

Such a demanding road travel is part of the Monte Carlo Rally, during which the car can reach speeds 180 km / h in the mountain pass. Its layout includes no less than 34 forks. It has a length of about 20 kilometers, and its highest point reaches 1.607 meters.

9- Autovía lysebotn (Norway)

Upon entering this road, you will find yourself immersed in a tunnel 1,1 km… snail-shaped, with a slope of 11 % without any illumination. Then, have to negotiate 24 closed curves in just 4 km. However, unlike many other roads of this Top 10, the asphalt is carefully. Your journey starts in the village of Lysebotn and concludes in the fjord Lysefjord.

10- Hindustan-Tibet Road (India)

The construction of this road was ordered by a former Governor General of British India, Lord Dalhousie, in 1850, to connect northern India with the Tibetan lands, as part of the circuitry of the Silk Road. Present day, is known as the National Highway 22 and has 459 kilometer, but recent 100 km are the most dangerous because of their poor condition. On more than one occasion, The Indian government has raised close, and today only the locals of the area dare to use.

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