Jaguar Land Rover eliminates blind spots

Jaguar Land Rover is investing heavily in R & D and the results are coming. The British brand is becoming a leader in innovation and further proof of this is the Jaguar system 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen.

This is great advances in safety that undoubtedly will join the Jaguar and Land Rover after the test period. A new technology that allows "transparent" A pillar, B and C of the car to give the driver better visibility into the entire environment.

The system has several advances that you see below in the official video:

The presence of a pedestrian is detected by the system immediately, warning us with a signal, and create a transparency effect in the front pillar.

The system uses a series of cameras that project the image of the outside directly on the pillars supporting the roof, both pillars (those that support the front bezel) as the pillars B (those found in central position, between gates) or C (those that hold the rear window) So, all blind spots cancel produced precisely by the presence of these pillars, and possible accidents are avoided.

The cameras that make the "transparency" of the pillars are activated at the time when the driver activates the indicator to change direction or just, if the head turns to look over his shoulder.

Jaguar 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen

By activating the indicator to turn, cameras project the image on the front pillars to expand the visual field.The Jaguar 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, as its name indicates, It is particularly suitable for use in city. Passers, bicycles and other vehicles or obstacles around the vehicle is automatically identified by the system, and immediately indicates its presence in the bezel itself, using a system similar to a Head-up-Display.

The information projected on the rear screen is also varied, Thanks to the Internet connection type "cloud", and may indicate, for example, the nearest service or the number of parking spaces available near where we are, no need for a specific query.

Another innovative improvement is to follow the ghost car to get to our destination. It is known as "Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation", which refers to the projection on the windshield of an image of a car "ghost", we must follow to reach your destination based on the beaten path in the browser. As you can see in the video, This virtual drive or "ghost" disappears when the driver approaches a red light, to avoid a dangerous distraction, which could occur when tracking image that is ahead.

Currently, This technology developed by Jaguar Land Rover is being tested, although we can see that it has been implemented in the streets of London. Similarly the "Virtual Windscreen Jaguar" brand introduced the few months, the idea is to incorporate these new safety systems in the medium term and as an option on most luxury models.

It is clear, Jaguar Land Rover is the brand forward in innovation, so we just have to wait for that surprise us in the coming months.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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