A FIAT 1911 back to life after 100 years old

Only a month ago, a FIAT, the S76, built in the year 1911 for an attempt to beat the speed record of the time, He has returned to work after more than 100 years without doing.

This is one of the largest displacement cars automotive history with 28,4 liter 4 cylinders. Those responsible for returning the S76 to life have been English Pittaway Duncan and his team have been working on for the past FIAT 12 years overcoming many difficulties. The project has been a great challenge that ultimately ended successfully.

FIAT S76These are the most important specifications of the car, of which only were manufactured 2 units:

– 28,4 liters
– 4 cylinders
– made 1911 to try to beat the speed record of the time
– 290 CV a 1.100 r.p.m.
– 1876 Nm pair
– double chain
– weight 1.900 kg
– wheelbase 2,75 m

The engine does not have a starter so each cylinder, of 7,1 liters must be drawn by hand with the mixture of fuel and detonated in the correct piston, after beginning its downward stroke by a small coil that produces a shower of sparks high voltage.

Be careful when starting and placed in safe position.

Enjoy the video, and engine sound:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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