Range Rover Classic vs Range Rover Sport

Americans are much given to tug of war competitions or popularly known discipline, “Tug of war”. But in this case we present a tug of war British.

They face 2 Range Rover, a new Range Rover Sort against his grandfather, el Range Rover Classic. last challenge against this to see which of the 2 British beasts is able to pull harder and drag his opponent.

The challenge is to tie both vehicles for their backsides with a sling or chain and see which of the 2 drag the other. What is your favorite for the vistoria? Does the grandparent or grandchild? Probably there will be all sorts of theories about who should win and why, so you can see if your predictions are true Video:

The Range Rover Sport is far from the Classic because it is a luxury car that has recent and dramatic technological advances developed by Jaguar Land Rover in recent years. Instead, the Range Rover Classic is a sturdy 4×4 I rigid axle supported on a solid chassis rails with the classic V8 3.9 brand liters.

Surprised result? We not much, but as always, everything has a logical explanation. The most modern SUV has going for its greater weight and has more asphalt cutting tires, so it pulls better and victorious.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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