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Usuarios y páginas de Locos del Motor en enero de 2015Way back 19 September 2013 began the journey in Internet Locos Motor creating our Facebook fan page. A day after we published the first entry on this site, a web in which we had been working for nearly a month. Since then there have been many entries posted, all types of categories (curious videos, racing, supercoches…), and gradually the community around Locos Motor has grown to the point of reaching the 2756 unique users and 13800 page views during the month of January 2015.

The first version of the website worked fine, but together with our web designer and desarrallor decided to give a new look to the page where the news had more importance, hence the new look of the second version of Mad Engine. Also, with this new look we can see videos of the post from the homepage, without necessarily access the news, which will be very useful when you're browsing on a mobile device.

Facebook Locos del MotorFacebook, where the page already has more 8700 fans has been one of the largest generators of traffic to the web. However, trafficking who seeks us on Google or we have already saved in your bookmarks has also been very high, and that is something that motivates us to continue working on the web. A website where the time spent is much, and where the greatest benefit is seen as a whole community enjoys daily published content.

To further grow the page, we have opened new channels of communication as Instagram, Twitter the YouTube, where you have almost all videos published on the web. Addition, Our email ( is always open to all users who want to collaborate with us either to send videos or to post an opinion.

And you, How about the website Crazy Engine? What would you add? What quitarías? Leave your thoughts in the comments on this post. Together we can make sure this great web, a better web.

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