Nissan introduced the bright paint in the dark

Nissan Leaf brilla oscuridad dinamicaNissan has presented a new painting, Glow in the dark, and has done with its all-electric model, the Nissan Leaf. The painting has been presented as “glow in the dark paint” and can shine among 8 and 10 hours at night by absorbing UV rays during the day.

Definitely something very novel, demonstrating that Nissan cares about innovation and the future. In fact your model 100 % Electric proves it, since it is the most sold in Europe long.

The paint is applied with a spray and base component is the Stromium Aluminate, a solid material from the land that is inert and does not smell. The novelty is that the Japanese brand has created this painting with organic materials, because it is not the first time that a car manufacturer uses this type of gloss paints in the dark.

Nissan says that this painting would last 25 in the vehicle, which is not bad if true. We have to wait to see if the market fails or.

For now we leave the video so you can see its operation:


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