The sport is sometimes very cruel, Sainz-Moya in 98

Sport can give many joys, but sometimes it can also become very cruel.

Today we remember one of the cruelest moments in the history of rallying. The Spanish Carlos Sainz and co-driver Luis Moya were about to be world champions Rally Year 1998. It was the Rally of Great Britain (the last test), and was the last leg. Only half a kilometer from the finish line the Toyota Corolla broke down and stopped.

Everything seemed a nightmare with the famous phrase “Try to start it, God” Luis ringing on all present, and no one could believe, and Carlos, or Luis, nor its familares, neither the press, like the worst nightmare it were. It's hard to remember now so unlucky concentrated, but as Luis Moya says, you must always keep the positive side of things.

Sainz and Moya lost which would be his third World Rally Tommi Makinen and was crowned champion.

Surely, one of the cruelest moments in sports history, that will never be forgotten.

We leave you with videos showing the time and reactions. A real shame, but this only serves to increase the legend of the great duo Sainz-Moya was and will be one of the best pairs of rallying.

From Locos Engine we send congratulations for making us enjoy both the Rally.



Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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Adrián Osés
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