The Volkswagen “Bulli” says goodbye after 63 years of production

Another mythical vehicles automotive history says goodbye, this is the legendary Volkswagen van hippy years 60, known as “Bulli”.

Today occurs only in Brazil, but production will end later this year due to new safety regulations of the South American country.

Volkswagen Bulli 1962In fact the van went out of production in Germany and in 1979 also for German and European regulations, it seems that sooner or later this news was coming. This news might remind you that we published weeks ago announcing the cessation of production of Land Rover Defender, other icon. Yes, a shame but both cases are similar.

What are the impediments? Under the new rules, Each vehicle must have airbags and antilock braking systems. To dismiss this icon, will be a special commemorative series. Looking back, nothing more and nothing less, what 63 years over ten million trucks have walked the streets of the world.
We are going to not talk about features of the van and there have been many variations and truth were not to highlight. The remarkable thing was the design and style, which have become a true global icon. Volkswagen Good work!
Volkswagen Bulli multicolorThe'll counting 5 trivia about Volkswagen “Bulli”.
The first: in Brazil this caravan is multipurpose, The use both postal employees to deliver shipments, as the funeral for the transfer of corpses and medical services and ambulance. It is also often used for the Brazilian Army.
The second: the 'Type 2’ or T-2 is the vehicle most possible nicknames. The official name is 'Type 2', as the second type of car Volkswagen, but as had happened with the Beetle hardcore fans were not allowed to put nicknames, depending on the country including the 'Type 2’ known form of either.
Thus, Germany was known as VW-Bus, Hippie-van or Bulli as initially toyed as the official name Bully. In addition to these nicknames USA is that of Splitty used to refer to the peculiarity of your windshield divided. In Mexico it is called Combi and Portugal by his resemblance to the baked bread Pão-de-form known as. In Finland will discuss the Kleinbus well as taxis named cars with carrying several passengers.
Volkswagen Bulli 2011The third: the 'Type 2’ has crossed the barrier of objects and has been elevated to the status of hallmark. It is a symbol of youth culture in the US and UK in the decades of the 60 and 70 and still British enthusiasts gather each year during the 'Annual Festival of VW', near Leeds with 'caravans hippies'.
Fourth: these caravans played a key role in the 'crisis of chicken’ who led France and Germany with the US. This conflict is known by this name because the German country believe a tax on imported chickens US, measure that since America was answered with another tariff. The 'Type 2’ played a key role in negotiations to put an end to the conflict.
And the fifth and final: Volkswagen unveiled a new version of the hippie caravan in the 2011 named after Volkswagen Bulli in the Geneva Motor Show but ultimately never produced. Shame.
Bulli, miss you.
Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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