Famous athletes and their extravagant cars

The celebrities stand out from the rest because they are very good at something, sports either, music, film or other activities. And as such, like to distance themselves from the rest and show their purchasing power to everyone recognizes them.

From Locos Engine, I teach some of their cars. Some very special, that most people would have if he could, others less so. Judge for yourselves:

Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer – Rolls Royce Ghost:

Cristiano Ronaldo - Rolls Royce Ghost

Amir Khan, boxer – Lamborghini Aventador:

Amir Khan - Lamborghini Aventador

Mario Balotelli, footballer – Bentley Continental GT:

Mario Balotelli - Bentley Continental GT

Karim Benzema, footballer – Bugatti Veyron:

Karim Benzema - Bugatti Veyron

Alexander Dolgopolov, player – Nissan GTR:

Alexander Dolgopolov - Nissan GTR

Angel Rangel, footballer – Suzuki Vitara:

Ángel Rangel - Suzuki Vitara

Darren McFadden, football player – Buick Centurion:

Darren McFadden - Buick Centurion

Jermaine Pennant, footballer – Aston Martin DBS:

Jermaine Pennant - Aston Martin DBS

They come in all tastes!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.



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Adrián Osés
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