Land Rover and transparencies

The R & D Land Rover is introducing major improvements in recent years, and today we will talk about the last to date (past or if we decide to divide it into its various improvements).

Land Rover sistema Ifor Williams horse trailerThe British brand is developing an innovative camera system that lets you see through the trailer when it is towed by a Land Rover. Or what is the same, the system eliminates the blind spot or area sightless.

known as “Transparent Trailer”, It is certainly a great improvement in maneuverability or safer overtaking because of the great improvement in visibility.

“Cargo Sense App” is another of the systems developed by Land Rover and allows the driver and / or passenger see in real time on your smartphone status of the trailer and load bearing, such as a horse, as we shall see in the video.

Land Rover sistema AirstreamAlso, sensors on the trailer bed may alert the driver that the load has moved unexpectedly or abnormally (for example an altered horse) reducing the potential for accidents and injuries.

All these systems are still in prototype phase, but nothing does not wait on the market in new models of Land Rover in a fairly near future.

Perhaps too much technology to control a vehicle? In theory the new technologies are designed to make life easier. But not everyone will agree and would rather just have a simple flyer, as it does not much.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.


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Adrián Osés
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