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Honda 2&4 Project

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Honda introduced a difference in the Frankfurt Motor Show, called Project 2&4 by the Japanese. The machine is powered by the engine RC213V Moto GP (but modified for use on public roads) and certainly it combines creativity and craftsmanship.

Honda 2&4 Project traseraProof of this is the Honda Award “Global Design Project” to be managed and made him stand on the Honda at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few weeks ago. One of its most innovative features is its floating seat inside the cab to provide a unique immersive driving experience.

You may ask, What does your name must “2&4 Project”? A somewhat curious name. The truth is that commemorates be the leading brand in engine production, Honda manufacturing as more than 28 million engines a year for the world of 2 and 4 Wheel, and even marine and aerospace applications.

The ability of Honda in the world of 2 and the 4 wheels surely that is not questioned, and this machine is another example, with the freedom of a motorcycle and maneuverability of a car.

The power unit is special, Therefore it is an engine of Hondas of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez modified to road 999 cc y cuatro tiempos y sigue la filosofía de la marca (“The Power of Dreams”) that inspires innovation and originality. No less than maximum power 215 CV a 13.000 r.p.m. and maximum torque motor 118 Nm delivered 10.500 r.p.m.. The transmission is commanded by a DCT box 6 speeds.

Honda 2&4 Project lateral centralMore of 80 designers and artists involved in the project, which it is part of the brand's initiative to inspire creativity and new talent for “Team Honda”. The challenge seeks to designers and engineers of the brand share ideas and get to perform the best.

The Project 2&4 It is a clear example. It has created a machine that allows a great driving experience combining the best features of motorcycle and car. Also, this can be a turning point for other brands, they might see in this type of vehicle a promising future and perhaps would bet on similar ideas.

The center of gravity is very low and their 405 kilograms let you fly like Honda Moto GP. Besides the central position of the engine allows you to have a high level of response and give the driver a unique feeling, it is literally over the road. A unique engineering!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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