Champion Jorge Lorenzo 2015 de Moto GP

Jorge Lorenzo has taken the upper hand in the hard fight with his teammate at Yamaha, Valentino Rossi, which ultimately it has only been 5 points behind in the standings after a World 18 racing.

Jorge Lorenzo campeón Moto GP 2015 celebraciónShe Yamaha YZR M 1 George crossed the finish line in first place and this made him beat the Italian in qualifying, since it could only be fourth after starting from last on the grid due to a penalty imposed after the incident earlier Grand Prix in Malaysia.

Lorenzo won the Grand Prix at the Valencia circuit “Ricardo Tormo” Cheste ahead of Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa, both with Repsol Honda.

Valentino Rossi arrived in Valencia 7 point lead, but from the last ballast, so far out it was expected by all. And he did not disappoint, with Rossi making a massive overtaking placed 16th in the first set and throwing Lorenzo strong in the first position.

Jorge Lorenzo campeón Moto GP 2015 delante de MárquezGradually the Italian was beating its rivals to reach the fourth place. Far behind the leading trio without approaching their times, room was kept waiting for the miracle. A miracle that was close, and passing by Honda beating Lorenzo. Eventually they ended up in 6 Thus as tenths Lorenzo Márquez leaving Pedrosa Rossi with honey on the lips.

The controversy did not miss as Rossi and many of his followers accused Marquez not to attack Lorenzo, while the followers of the Spanish pilots argued that their rates were higher than that of Rossi and could not overtake Jorge. Everyone will have their opinions, but the truth is that we champion.

Champion just as numbers and speed. Lorenzo was the fastest of the year and consistent with Rossi being r
egular and barely leaving the ground, Marquez fast but very irregular due to anxiety and loss of nerves sometimes, Pedrosa and fast but without options because of the injury that caused him to miss 4 careers and therefore shape recovery.Jorge Lorenzo campeón Moto GP 2015 champan

The Ducati promised at the beginning of the world, but then they lost strength, although they continued to climb the podium or being close to him in some races. The Suzuki team has surprised and encouraged especially classifications and first laps Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Viñales, It seems to be the desired driver for subsequent years.

What it is not in doubt is we have seen big races this year and next year will be fierce fight for the championship and each race. It is difficult to identify the favorite. Jorge returned with hammer, but surely that Marquez will be contained and eventually more runs when you can not advance. If Pedrosa maintains the shape of the final races of the year is candidate and see if Rossi takes revenge and others have an option. We look forward.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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