Interview with Jaime Alguersuari

Not every day you have the opportunity to interview someone who has driven in Formula 1, and exceptionally well, among other great achievements. Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Jaime Alguersuari, ex-racing driver 1 and Formula E, retired only a few months ago.

There goes the interview, do not miss the view detail because Jaime is very interesting and not leave you indifferent:

LdM: Jaime, Could you explain briefly in general as it began your career?

Jaime Alguersuari sentado en la ruedaAND: Everything was a game weekend, my family come from the engine and of course the little boy had to have an experience over a moto..El problem was that it hurt when he tried to go faster and I did not like to hurt me, also playing tennis but I understood that it was not my thing so I got on a go-art to 7 Gerona years and I found it the most balanced sport for fun, just for fun! I had the luck to be born in a very fortunate family where they could afford to pay me the championship of Catalonia and Spain during 5 years to grow in karting.

LdM: Batiste many records of precocity in different championships, what you felt to be the youngest person to win races?

AND: I assumed that we were going in the right direction but in the end it was a surprise, both sign my first contract as driving a new car every year and battle with other kids who have been 3 the 4 years category. I thought if I win the first year only will get better next year to try to win anywhere else, I guess it was this system Red Bull, if you not literally were earning the first year of the program you cleaned, so if it was hard but I guess it worked 🙂 .

LdM: How are you prepared races? What were you doing before them?

AND: Physical training, at that time racing was quite different from now, tires much more susceptible and aggressive, less weight more downforce and other engines so physical preparation at the time was key, and that was my daily morning and evening .

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 30: Jaime Alguersuari of Spain and Scuderia Toro Rosso drives during the final practice session prior to qualifying for the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix at the Hungaroring on July 30, 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Jaime AlguersuariLdM: What was the best moment of your career as a pilot?

AND: Certainly my time in karting, I remember as organic race course where the material was key but they had only 2 tenths of first 15 and that's where I learned to compete to feel a car as an extension of your body in all kinds of circumstances and learn to find grip in all situations, karting is magic and always be in my heart.

LdM: And the worst time?

AND: I imagine that when I received the news of my expulsion from Formula 1, the truth is that it was difficult to understand as why and when it happened but now so I'll take the 26 points that year and the best season ever since STR makes your car until then, So there I began to understand that just beat your teammate in F1 means nothing , or even be competitive and do a great job, I began to understand that there are other things that have a lot more value, I am seen so now I am very happy to do what I do :). I began to understand that I do not belong or that story, or that business…

LdM: Who was your idol or admire pilots?

AND: Alessandro Manetti certainly still think it's the best driver in the world who have seen and known and fortunately was able to work with him, of course a reference in karting, feelings and knowledge they had were amazing, I could describe the behavior of a chassis at the entrance of a slow 1 back only if the front stub magnesium or aluminum were, things like that do not know, They surprised me…

Jaime Alguersuari sonriendoLdM: What did you feel when it debuted in Formula 1? A dream come true?

AND: For a lot of fun of course, was awesome getting into a car that sped up and slowed spinning as they did at that time. Sensation of flying. My entry was very hasty but certainly I had no choice but to climb without training but learned a lot from that half of the year and begin to see our level in the 2010 so everything had its time.

LdM: Where you enjoyed more, Formula F1 or E?

AND: They are different categories to different questions, if you mean where you would enjoy more driving in Formula 1 of course. If you ask me where we enjoyed more as a project and as course work Formula E!

LdM: A few months ago to retire to devote to decide what you like best, We imagine complicated decision, Do you miss circuits?

AND: Yes the truth is that it was not easy to decide, Now I begin to understand and to learn many things he needed them as a human being and at the end my pilot phase came to a point that could not absorb more than what he already knew, I understood it was an end of cycle did not enjoy my work as before and of course I could not give my 120 % so I understood I needed to do something to move me land and sea to keep learning to keep improving as a human being and not always stay in a circuit, talking with businessmen and surface brokers to earn more money , I'm not so I do not want any gum stretch anywhere. My goal was to be world champion F1, It has not been but I do not stay here like one more to live on something that does not really fascinates me behind the wheel! I can do more to drive and now being in the studio and write music is what makes me more as a person and what makes me happy more and of course there is no money that can buy happiness, at least in my point of view 😉

Jaime Alguersuari pilotando el VirginLdM: Tell us about your music and how is your day now.

AND: I started a project ago 5 years old, in fact when I started making music, The project is called Squire, which it is my middle name in English. Squire is a producer of electronic music and dj, I started taking EPS for not very big labels and last year Damian Lazarus heard my music and liked it very much, I signed for his label sub Rebellion and it was quite good. I've never had the opportunity to make music 100% , I have always had to combine it with my career and the truth is that if you want to be in first division like all jobs in the world have to give yourself body and soul for just one day succeed. The reality is that that will not happen but so far I like what I'm running I believe in myself more than anyone else and see what happens, so we keep working and smiling :). a greeting.

Jaime thank you very much and we wish you well in your life and world music.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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