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RoboRace, new championship without drivers

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Creators and responsible for the new Formula E have a new and interesting project at hand that will be released later this year 2016. The project will be known as RoboRace and will take place during the weekend of Electric Prix of the season 2016/2017.

RoboRace 2It will be the first world championship car racing autonomous vehicles that compete in races 1 hour and will be a great weapon for developing and testing artificial intelligence systems, among other things.

The races will take place on the same days and the same circuits used in Formula E Championship, with 10 equipment and 20 vehicles competing for the title of champion of the category.

Project leaders say that in terms of trying to create systems technology are better than humans, which means that cars will have great acceleration and speed. Kinetik will be the company responsible for manufacturing all vehicles.

The cars will have top speeds of more than 300 km / h and will be powered by electric batteries. Although today the systems are in the early stages of development are confident that the results will be amazing and help different industries.

RoboRace 3The concept car category has already been developed and will be quite different designs racing cars today. We will see they mean by this advance. Perhaps we meet “spaceships” o similar. It is true that automakers have clear their cars tomorrow, but maybe this will help to have clear competition cars after tomorrow.

One of the pluses will not need to consider the safety of humans and autonomous cars will be within the fences of the circuits used for Formula E.

Still no team has joined, but Alejandro Agag, head of Formula E, He says he would like to see all leading companies in development of pilotless driving systems involved in this competition.

RoboRace 4more extreme than those of the competition to test systems pilotless driving conditions will be difficult to find, and sure that each year we will see great improvements. Some of the companies are expected by Alejandro Agag Google, Uber, Continental y Bosch.

Kinetik be responsible for the development of vehicles Championship, because of its experience in developing electric trucks for UK roads. And then each individual company will develop its initial software to propel their vehicles and their algorithms and artificial intelligence to guide their cars around circuits.

This championship perhaps could bring great improvements to other championships. It occurs to us autonomous car safety, or a system in which all riders could follow the safety car autonomously in case of yellow flags on track. Also last for pit lane could be autonomous. They are ideas but do not seem very crazy.

Like everything, surely that something will malfunction, especially at the beginning, and give you headaches for teams and engineers and put the sauce to the races. Pinta well the truth.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.