Ferrari Land will be in PortAventura

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Ferrari decided some years ago to build a theme park that would make delight their fans and the rest of the world in Abu Dhabi, next Yas Marina. A success called Ferrari World, such that the idea of ​​creating one in Europe has come true.

Ferrari Ferrari Land will open in PortAventura, Located in Salou (Tarragona). We have no doubt it will be another success of the Italian brand in its first theme park in Europe.

Ferrari Land PortAventuraIf all goes as planned, Ferrari Land will open early next year. The park will be intimately related to the history of the brand and will house the latest technology in multiple forms attractions and entertainment including a hotel 5 stars over 250 bedrooms.

Sebastian Vettel was in charge of laying the first stone of the complex in the month of May 2015, complex 75.000 square meters. The Port Aventura theme park look like the Ferrari claim draws millions of visitors each year (It is estimated at 5 at least).

Ferrari Land abrirá en Port Aventura en 2016Ferrari decided to locate its “New office” Salou because of the geographical location and the great possibilities of the area of ​​Port Aventura. The area will benefit from this, like our country. Another tourist attraction besides the sun.

Not only Ferrari are rapidísmos, Ferrari Land attractions represent good speed and feelings that usually Ferrari. One of the attractions will be an acceleration of 5 seconds 0 a 100 km/h. Also, for nostalgic fans and brand, remember the place large and small details of the Italian brand. Even an area representing Italian historic buildings.

Claims after claims that the visit will make us ask ourselves at least, and why not, repeat once we visited Ferrari Land. We leave you with a 3D recreation of what will be the complex. Less is left!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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