Ken Block in the WRX 2016

Ken Block will be the major attraction of the new season of the World Rally FIA Cross. American joins the specialty when more booming, With more and more followers worldwide and high level of pilots, vehicles and equipment.

Ken Block Ford Fiesta STBlock has extended its contract with Ford, and this has allowed will participate in the 12 WRX tests 2016. As they say in their environment, its alliance with Ford is to fight for the title, which is owned by the Petter Solberg in 2 last season.

It may have options with a good team, it will be official, and if we consider that participated in Norway in the year 2014 and he rose to the third drawer podium. France also participated in being fourth overall and setting the fastest lap of the weekend.

His contract with Ford began ago 6 years and he has not gone bad, mostly because their Gymkhanas on the Internet that have given many millions, both views on Youtube and dollars. And Ford Performance has fallen short is not profit.

Ken Block Ford Fiesta ST sobre nieveBlock participate with a Ford Fiesta ST, and it will be virtually the first focuses on a full championship. Previously, always he had enrolled in various tests of different championships, diversifying their attention and not looking fight for being the ultimate winner. We'll see if the first time lucky.

Surely the number of followers of the WRX goes through the roof since well before the first race in Montalegre (Portugal) the days 16 and 17 of April.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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