Ford at Le Mans and WEC with the new Ford GT

Ford will participate in the WEC or Resistance in World 2016 with 2 units of its new Ford GT and 4 units of 2 different teams mythical 24 Hours of Le Mans in June.

Ford GT WEC 2016 foto cercanaThe most famous race in the world of resistance is a great opportunity to reminisce 50 years of Ford historic podium complete with 3 cars on the podium.

Also, the World Endurance Championship will be worth to prepare for the big event and continue to develop the Ford GT for the coming seasons.

The director said Ford Performance compete to win, and that this need to give the highest level with the best vehicle, the best equipment and the best drivers. Ford GT WEC 2016 pilotos Pla Franchitti Mucke PriaulxSelected are German Stefan Mücke, British Andy Priaulx, Frenchman Olivier Pla and Marino Franchitti British. Experienced pilots with many achievements to its credit that is sure to bring much new draft Ford.

Ford Performance strong bet this year with the WEC and WRX (World Rally Cross) Ken Block as “candidate” the title. We will see that they are capable in both categories when the competition starts. Specialists have them, see how responsive team and the new GT.

Ford GT WEC 2016 traseraFord will develop its vehicles in different endurance races in America to put their cattle ready for Le Mans and the World Endurance. They recognize that to win everything has to be perfect and luck has to help to cross the finish line in first position, and they are already looking forward to the competitions.

The Ford GT is the supercar of the American brand, large aerodynamic innovations and lightweight body of carbon fiber. The Ford EcoBoost twin-turbo engine V6 is responsible for feeding power to the beast, the most powerful being made to date in the range EcoBoost. Do not look bad thing, Huh? Although Le Mans is Le Mans and will not be easy.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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