Renault 21 Turbo Phase 1 1988

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Dear readers,

I think it was about time we put our views test driving cars to which we have access (I hope you will be tasteful dish), then we seek to try everything we've dreamed of having, we had or even thought about buying, if the above words make you think and put in anteroom LaFerrari we are nobodies.

renault-21-turbo-2We open this section with a car that many years I dreamed of and to date still love me, it is the Renault 21 Turbo Phase 1 1988 (that catalyze and such ... .is very well but ... for the Phase abrazaarboles 2). On paper we see the figures of a 2000 cc 8 175CV and 275Nm traction valves front. Well considering, 20 years later we can see a performance like today's engines. All this added to their 1190kg make it a sedan flying low over the asphalt. By the time he fought in the time trial with the BMW M3 E30, giving better recovery figures including the Maserati Biturbo Renault Alpine V6 or turbo. As data we can say that the 1000 meters from standstill did in 27,8seg, of which Renault was very proud.

renault-21-turbo-6The first thing when we went to see those so accused car lines, those edges so sharp ... designed to square and bevel, these turbine wheels and front spoiler as low ... love us. The turbo version is the only one with bushings 5 screws and thus these wheels turbine 15 ", everyone else wore 4 screws. The tires have been criticized for not refrigeraban well and discs were heated to bend, we see in the lower bumper has two air inlets to air brakes ... seems not to be enough. The turbo version is 4cm lower than normal thanks to a sportier suspension.

We opened the door and surprised those sofas whose seats, with full surround design, still being soft sponge we feel very comfortable driving it. In conjunction with the steering wheel, the instrument panel and shifter, It transports us back to the turbo Renault, we put the key and took off.

renault-21-turbo-7We have had the opportunity to test this unit under various conditions, with worn tires and new. With bad tires on the front axle, see more skate wheels have not done anything. First it has a limitation in source (the engineer who he thought when he did ...) and second loses traction until his move to third, ceases if you're straight ... because if you caught us ... there follows a curve wheel spin interior with its exorbitantly. All this above we solve wheels with good news, second it starts to skid, but with a little wheel you do stop. The sensations are very good, a turbo lag but quite pronounced when it enters the turbo function, the seat does its function. The entrance to the turbo in this model summarize in funny / brutal / maddening depending on the situation where you need strength. On paper announced in a 7,2 seconds to 100km / h with a tip of 227km / h (we have seen with the eyes cut to 245km / h marker). A fairly elastic motor, let the turbo drive low speeds with ease, a not very high consumption, making sporty driving we could talk about 13 liters, if we would reduce traveling around 9 liters, so that leaves us feeling good(We have not tested the car to go shopping or to try to make efficient driving). renault-21-turbo-8In the section on brakes we can see that if we put a constant load, a constant and sudden braking, We began to notice the lack of efficacy, even reaching sound vibration. The gearbox works wonders, the lever does not even have clearances and enter all gears without any problems. The relationship of the same no complaints whatsoever, the fall of revolutions change is not a problem, considering that delivers maximum torque at 3000rpm. The direction somewhat harsh and direct (not forget that the friend is 1988), despite the fame of pimento, goes well in the curves, It has a pretty sporty and stiff suspension, if the ground is good, driving is nice. A model full of sensations, nobody can deny this.

A beautiful model, in which they could see technological advances such as ABS, the second electric water pump to cool the turbo, remote control, details that we miss nowadays. Add that not all flowers, it is a somewhat delicate model, and while you take care, good works, but if we forget the reviews, wait for hot ... begins to blame problems.

Today difficult to see one of these walk the streets and see it in good condition is even rarer, varied are the prices, and there has been a notable rise in recent years, seeing good models 6000e.

Raul Puente, Motor Locos.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.