Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe 2012

Second test drive and we were speechless at the sight, Mercedes C63 AMG speak Coupe 2012, 6300cc for atmospheric 487cv ... ..a couple of seconds to think this figure. After the regulatory changes to reduce pollution further reducing fuel consumption, Mercedes has eliminated these market movers.

img_20160819_180904The AMG versions are famous because they are assembled by hand and the person in charge of the motor mount leave his signature on the top of it, and distinction and exclusivityimg_20160819_180755.

outwardly, It draws attention to the two ribs that leave you in the front bonnet, the fins and anchadas 4 AMG leaks usually see in their sportier models. We see in this version a non-original wider tires. This version to try us met several extras, rear camera, sunroof, lane markers, and a host of pijotadas unfortunately we did not get to try (who says time, says fuel).

img_20160819_181057We sat on the leather sports seats, with great grip on the lower back that makes us feel safer in it. We start the C63 and raucous sound reverberates in the garage, Cold has a shocking sound at idle, only enhanced by giving us when hot with the pedal to the metal.

The model has the gearbox 7G-Tronic Speedshift MCT. We see how we can choose four models of driving, C (Comfort, is preassigned each seesimg_20160819_183110z we started) S (Sport) S+(Sport more) and M (Manual), in the last two Mercedes it is proud of its 100 milliseconds exchange. The C63 has a very good sound equipment of course we disconnected it to the test. We started walking with the C mode, We note that the gear shift is us a little slow, the kickdown position not just to please us at all, downshift expected a more raimg_20160819_183329ask, add your 600Nm of torque, They make it comfortable to drive in any regime. We jump to the M mode and now follow city and surroundings, so we like to go changing the cams, course that img_20160819_180801in this way the acceleration and braking are constants. We have not had the luck of being able to try on a mountain but as a German who is, designed for the highway because there we have addressed. We still manual and low gears, stomped ... and ... and that… you've come to 7500rpm. The tire grip is very good and accompanied by the suspension, not just skate wheels. We opted for the Sport Plus mode and take the Highway, the first thing to note, does not change until you reach 7500rpm, so that if we go on this way at a constant speed quiet we can go to 6500rpm ... which is not to change, we find it funny and painful circulate 120km / h and listen to the bowels of the engine. img_20160819_180911the highway is opened and tested until the last horse that has, a blink of an eye and reached its top speed limited, then the same low gears (knowing that most will not run). We tried the brakes just as the accelerator and pleasantly surprised us, thanks to its brakes 6 piston front 4 piston rear offers a quick and effective braking, without any strange, in this case we have a clean and dry road(the version tested Hankook Ventus S1 takes about evo2). img_20160819_180831We draw some fast corners and noticed the G force as accused without noticing the slightest loss of control, As the car is nailed to the floor.

The exhaust sound is very good, serious and not at all annoying, (from the outside many do not think the same) When driving it is pleasant and not at all sudden we can even enjoy stereo music listening to 260km / h. The front seats are very comfortable and easy to handle pushbuttons, from the passenger seat also we have ample space to stretch your legs. The rear seats are somewhat reduced you, so it will not be very comfortable to go back Aunt people sitting.

Asimg_20160819_180930 detail, so far we traveled 40kms and the needle has dropped ¼ tank.

We switched to Comfort mode and treating us just the tour to convince that this should be the way of daily use, without stepping on background we see the changes Benz low turns at a higher speed, if we maintain a constant speed, marches reduces itself to find ourselves in a very low and comfortable to wear regime, thereby reducing consumption and tranquilizing horses has inside.

Today we can find these units from the 35.000 €, considering that the version 4 doors is more economical and can be reduced to about 7000 Price €.

Raul Bridge Motor Locos.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.