Mikel Azcona by the SEAT León Eurocup 2016

Navarre pilot Mikel Azcona has the chance to become European champions this weekend at the Montmelo circuit and Motor Locos has spoken to him to know how it feels before the great event.

mikel-azcona-seat-leon-1LdM: Championship points say that you have less chance of being champion your opponents, How do you see it?

MA: The mathematics say, of the 3 drivers title at stake, I'm the one who got it more difficult. This is what gives me more motivation to do well this last weekend in Barcelona, looking mathematically in the last two quotations I cut them, my biggest rivals, 15 and 16 points respectively, so I'm very confident for this weekend to win the title.

LdM: It's been a few weeks since the last round of the SEAT León Eurocup and assume that you will have done long How have you prepared for the appointment of Barcelona?

MA: A month and a half ago not I get on the Seat Leon Cup Racer from the last test in Nurburgring – Germany. At this time I've had to break I have prepared the ultimate test depth, as we all work played a year in a weekend. I do gym two days a week to stay in shape, and what I like most is the simulator, every day, after working, minimum 1 training time.

mikel-azcona-seat-leon-2LdM: How do you rate the run "at home" and with the support of your people? Do you consider it an advantage over your opponents?

MA: The SEAT León Eurocup has 7 tests throughout Europe and a test in Spain, the desire and essence of racing at home are unique, all your people, friends, family and followers. I really wanted to get to this last test, further jugándonos title, and for me it is an injection of energy and strength to run at home.

LdM: Tell us about the Catalunya circuit, you like?

MA: The Catalunya circuit is the one I like the whole season, apart from that the layout combines fast zones with slow and simple techniques. In this circuit I currently I have the record for the fastest lap with the Seat Leon Cup Racer and last year we got a great podium that always helps you like.

mikel-azcona-seat-leon-3-celebrandoLdM: Who do you see as the strongest rival, Paulsen o Langeveld?

MA: In my opinion Paulsen is my strongest rival as to fight in melee during the race, is a pilot project that took two years competing against him and is very “old dog” and hard, Qualy although I do not see rival. Langenveld opposite happens, for career is less strong than Paulsen but its strength is the Qualy is very fast.

LdM: The fight for pole position and the first race could be key to maintain chances of being champion. You know already what strategy will bet in Montmelo?

MA: Throughout the year we have had a single strategy, which is trying to get pole position and secure the first race with a win, this allows us to take 30 insurance points. For this final race of the championship we will make the same strategy.

mikel-azcona-seat-leon-4-mecanicoLdM: What if you win the championship?

MA: Being European champion 2016 with my 20 years for me and my team Sport PCR would be a huge illusion which would reward all the effort and work done for years. Looking ahead to my projection in my career, be champion of Europe, facilitate to continue to compete and to become a professional pilot, which it is my dream.

LdM: What if you do not get?

MA: If you do not win, We keep fighting and working hard every day to be better, as a driver and person, and years ahead to win.

From Locos Motor Good luck and we will support him, win or not win, because it is already a champion.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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