Volkswagen Golf V GTI 2005

To our hands comes at this time of VW sport par excellence, the VW Golf GTI, in this case we speak of the 5th generation. This version unveiled a new design, for many questioned whether it is successful or not. Recognised programs like Top Gear Fifth Gear or they labeled as the best car of the year. The sale of Golf, It has always been a safe bet.

img-20150624-wa0016The model presented is the 2005 with body 3 doors and is equipped with Detroit BBS wheels 18 "polished aluminum, It was then an extra request above the 17 "home. The engine gave us was a 2.0 TSI 200cv, and with direct injection, It elevates us to 280 Nm maximum torque, with the option to choose automatic DSG 6 speed manual or 6 speeds. All this makes him, a vehicle to enjoy.

Inside first section we meet with very bucket seats and upholstery frame that characterizes the Golf GTI , a headrest that are integrated into the backrest with stamping GTI, accompanied by a more sporty and ergonomic steering wheel, the pedals and the footrest are with chrome finishes and other dashboard where the speedometer mark up 300. New feature a sporty sound as nice as false cabin, coming from an intake resonator. img-20150624-wa0025aThe design dual chrome exhaust outlet and the sound of it, are partakers of sportsmanship, letting himself get to escape some “petardazos” depending charge level.

The evidence that we have made, I should point out first, the comfort of the driving position, visibility from, steering wheel position, shift knob and highlight the seats, It is a fundamental part of the same, with good grip and good ergonomics, making very nice travel.

Mechanically it surprises us a supercharged engine that lacks turbo lag, It is very easy and comfortable driving, from a low speed we can drive calmly and thanks to the elasticity of the engine we are much extends the range of driving, delivering max power. a 5100 rpm. Initially it would leave the market with engine code AXX, until the end of 2005, They did not recommend the use of gasoline 95 by compression in the cylinder amounting. After other versions would remove BWA, BPY, CAWB wherein reduce compression and could be used gasoline 95, and would include minor mechanical improvements to strengthen any weakness that occurred in the first. img-20150624-wa0030aThe manual gearbox of 6 speeds gives us a quick change and a good relationship, what does not get too laps in each change. All this helps us earlier in the domain of vehicle suspension hardened without being dry.

In tacking and sporty driving roads sometimes notice (perhaps somewhat extreme) slightly as the car to oversteer, nothing stability control can not control (equal share of blame takes the tires fitted). Speaking of overtaking and recoveries, thanks to the elasticity of the engine and the pleasant feel of the gearbox, us overcome any obstacle is easy without any problems. We announce an acceleration to 100km / h in manual version only 7,2 at y con una well. max. 235km / h. In the aspect of the brakes, we have nothing to object, We had no problems on the test and no shock we took, proper braking. img-20150624-wa0015We find a comfortable car, fast, funny but not many feelings, lacks a guindilla to be a little more spicy, You have no situation that makes you seem to lose control. It is a good choice of vehicle for daily use.

In a matter of thought meet consumption figures somewhat lower, not being particularly high, but setting ourselves 7,3 l / 100 km on a long stretch of highway constantly respecting 120 km/h. If we talk about sports driving, the figure rises, but for the benefits it gives us we did not feel bad.

Currently we can see good options for purchase in the secondary market from 8000 €.

Raul Bridge Motor Locos.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.