We must protect the turbo

Who has not heard the turbo must be looked after? That you appreciate your vehicle you know we speak. But not everyone appreciates your vehicle and other people simply do not pay attention to such things.

turboToday much of the vehicles on our roads have at least one turbocharger, and this is a fundamental part of the engine. Besides that, related failures are costly turbo, so keep interest properly and give affection.

A basic and essential is the maintenance suitable vehicle, obviously also it helps the turbo does not suffer and remain in good condition. It seems obvious, but some people do not realize that the engine oil is like blood for the human body. It must be changed when the manufacturer recommends, Or even before! Important oil quality, a higher quality better “will live” the vehicle. Normally synthetics have higher quality and durability. Besides oil, the filters are responsible for blocking impurities and waste in their attempt to get into the mechanics of the car, therefore the quality of these is recommended that optimal. If they are better than Chinese official manufacturer because cheap just out expensive friends…

turbo-desmontadoThe lubrication at the start It is highly recommended because if the oil does not bathe mechanical components, they suffer large friction forces that can end in tragedy over time. It is advisable to leave the engine idling while you put your seat belt, you settle in and you put the radio to your liking. We talk about 1-2 minutes, no more, for the system to lubricate. as a tip, should always start with the clutch trodden (not the accelerator) and the accelerator pedal and let the oil do its function before setting off.

turbo-averiaLike when you get to your destination, should leave engine stand I idle for a few seconds before turning it off to prevent your turbo suffer. On standing, the turbine will cool and lubricate properly while low speed. Important this point especially if you've driven aggressively, since the turbo has been more required than usual. If the engine stop upon arrival, the turbo will coasting but the oil will not lubricate the turbine so it will wear prematurely and cause damage in the future. As usual in this case it is that carbonization oil is produced by the high temperature turbo, what does this mean? The initial distance between the blades of the turbo will 1 mm for example, but carbonization this distance will gradually become smaller up close and prevent the passage of air, and then you know what happens …not recommended for car mechanics and for your pocket.

turbo-en-motorRequire the engine in the proper rpm, this means 2 things. first, not go last lap as the turbo wear and increase the power developed by the engine will be lower than the maximum speed. And second, not require the engine from a very low regime of turns and the mechanical parts will be subject to on efforts. As a tip in the second case, It is well circulated in a long march to reduce consumption, but if at some point a point acceleration is required, marches should be reduced in order to have a better regime laps.


turbo-al-rojoAnd finally, not require maximum performance vehicle if it is still cold. It is advisable to let the engine and its components reach their normal operating temperature that is usually around 90 ° C depending on the model. That way, all it will be well lubricated. At low temperatures the turbo suffer greatly as the temperature of the gases could reach 1.000 C if it has been squeezed mechanics. Therefore care must be taken revolutions in that case and step on the accelerator smoothly.

Keeping these tips in mind, the turbo your vehicle will not give you problems and their performance will be optimal. Your pocket and you will not be harmed while car. It is in your hand.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.