10 roads that do not want to visit

As much as you like driving and as much as you like adventure today let's talk about 10 roads in the world anyone would like to drive on them. Where is most likely not reach the final destination that I do do.

carreteras-mas-peligrosas-del-mundoEach one of them is in a different place in the world, and each has different characteristics, but what they have in common is their dangerousness and the number of lives that are charged. Yes, the places where they are are spectacular, but if you tell us that death is haunting the place that may not be an incentive to visit them.

Complicated choose the most dangerous, but perhaps they are right in the video leaving the end of Bolivia. How do you see? We do not have clearly not the would visit, survive some of them must be a unique feeling, probably similar to finish a Dakar Rally. Here's the video, scary practically from the first second:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.