A shift in “J” Nissan Juke record

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Each day they try and get new records, and these are increasingly more complex. Reinvent themselves or die, that they say. The record today's discussion is the less original and the Nissan Juke is its protagonist.

nissan-juke-record-giro-en-j-exteriorThe truth is that the Juke does well in the world of records. This time he has won the first world record of rotation “J” using the AVM system (Around View Monitor) cameras on board to guide the maneuver. So far so good, but do not forget an important peculiarity of record, and it is that Nissan has covered all the windows with black film to avoid any further aid. The AVM system and the pilot have achieved record blindly.

Tan sólo 18 centimeters longer than the width of Juke is the distance between the lines that have been used for the challenge. It seems almost impossible considering that the pilot Paul Swift only had the AVM system to help, but he got:

nissan-juke-record-giro-en-j-interiorThe AVM system is fitted as standard on all Juke models, but perhaps it will never be as important for the driver and this challenge. The AVM gives an insight “Bird sight” 360 ° of the vehicle itself and its surroundings. The 4 received images are put together on the dash display for the parking is safe and simple.

The AVM system is a key element for the safe development of the future of the Japanese brand that will complement the system PROPILOT, autonomous driving system in which Nissan is working overtime. This milestone does not seem very distant and Nissan is expected to reveal what their model chosen to begin testing in PROPILOT 2017. We will see whether it is or not.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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